Big Image Systems ( , a Sweden-based producer of digitally printed scenery for theatre, film, and TV, has opened a sales office in Minneapolis to serve the North American market. In addition to the Swedish location and the new Minneapolis office, Big Image Systems has a facility in Berlin.

Olle Lindqvist, sales manager at Big Image's Minneapolis office, says, "Large digitally printed images provide set designers with new and exciting opportunities to enhance the experience for the audience. From the beginning, we understood that printing technologies developed for outdoor signs would not produce backdrops suitable for theatre environment These methods cannot be used with textiles such as scrim, and materials, such as cotton, must first be coated, which changes their properties."

To overcome this, Big Image developed its own airbrush printing technology; additionally, the company's largest printing machine can produce images 40' wide. "Our interaction with the set designer is not limited to the printing," Lindqvist continues. "Our long experience with stage productions allows us to work closely with the set designer on the particular aspects and possibilities associated with digital printing. We know how to do the finishing work so that the drops perform as they should in a theatre environment. We are used to tight production schedules and we do understand the importance of quick turnaround times and reliable deliveries."

Big Image Systems USA is located at 3137 Hennepin Ave., Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN, 55408. Phone: (612) 825-0163/toll free: (888) 626-9816; fax: (612) 825-7102.