The University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Team recently celebrated their 59-46 win over Rutgers University in the women's NCAA tournament championship game with a hometown party at the Knoxville Convention Center and served as both a celebration of the win and a thank you to the local fans for all their support.

The event featured speeches from the coaches, players, and other influential people from Knoxville. Fans were also able to order official National Championship merchandise and pre-order a copy of the first-ever Lady Vol Basketball Season Highlights DVD.

Bandit Lites’ lighting designer, Will Twork, said that the primary objective was to light the stage and the podium. He used Martin MAC 600s to wash the stage and Martin MAC 500s to light the podium. To add a little something extra to the celebration, Twork used six Cyberlights with Lady Vols glass gobos to project the Lady Vols logo on all four walls. Lighting was controlled by a Whole Hog II.