For the Manumission events at Privilege–one of Ibiza’s superclubs–LD Alan King used an Avolites Diamond 4 Elite console to control its newly upgraded lighting rig, which King designed. Manumission is famous for its highly theatrical Monday club nights at Privilege and, new this year, Ibiza Rocks, a Friday night live rock show.

King selected the Diamond 4 because he needed a powerful and versatile control platform for the large rig in the main room. With a capacity of 10,000 people, Privilege is the largest club in the world; it even includes a swimming pool. The energetic Manumission Monday live show has a myriad of set pick ups, dancers silhouetted behind gauzes, and numerous other dramatic effects, so King had to have a "hands on" console to run an effective show.

The giant white set for Manumission features a large flashing ‘M’ centerpiece, made from over 600 bulbs on 24 dimmer channels. Constructed from ‘blown’ white foam, it fills the entire stage, highlighted with 24 short-nosed floor-based PARs and scrollers. The remaining lighting is on three overhead trusses.

The new and additional stage lighting rig had to cater for Manumission’s Monday event, the other Privilege club nights, Ibiza Rocks, and any other requirement that might be scheduled. The rig included 16 High End Systems Cyberlights on the back truss, eight HES PC Beams, four Martin Atomic strobes, 10 bars of six PARs for general washing, 10 Moles on upright truss sections at the rear, and five CCT Profiles on the front truss for lighting bands and highlighting other onstage events.

The Avolites Diamond 4 handled the diverse needs of the club easily and King is pleased with the results. Functions of the console he specifically likes include setting the times, chase unfold, setting the fixture order, easy cue stacking of chases and shared paletting.

The additional lighting for Privilege’s 2005 summer season, which includes several other high-profile club nights, was supplied by Oxfordshire-based Production Hire Ltd (PHL).