AVL Nevada, a division of Jodi Coon Construction LLC, is a full-service general and electrical contractor that not only designs, sells, installs, and services audio, video and lighting equipment, but can also install its own conduit and power circuits, as well manage the entire construction/remodel project as needed. The company was created to handle the increasing complexity of audio, video, and lighting systems and the increasing size of install projects.

"Nevada’s contractor laws are among the toughest in the country," says Mike Brown-Cestero, a Principal in AVL Nevada, "and our ‘one call does it all’ approach to these types of projects has already proven to be popular with casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs. It makes it a lot easier for the client–they only have to make one phone call, and we’re liable and responsible for the entire project. Not only does that simplify the business aspect of it, but it streamlines the whole process, making it more efficient and cost-effective."

Visit www.avlnevada.com for more information about AVL Nevada.