Available Light: NY today announced this week it will be known as AWA Architectural Lighting Designers effective September 4, 2006. Led by principal Abhay Wadhwa, the firm will operate in New York, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, and add the Dubai market to its footprint in January 2007. The firm will remain headquartered in New York City.

Supporting clients in the civic, commercial, and residential spheres, the firm will take the best attributes of its former iteration while incorporating new features into its new identity. The new brand indicates a renewed focus on architectural lighting design while offering clients across the globe access to the technological and creative passion that fuel the firm’s multidisciplinary team of practitioners.

Under the Available Light: NY brand, the firm completed several notable and landmark projects over the past four years in North America and Asia. “Abhay and his team are unique among the industry,” says John Shields, principal of Point B Design in Philadelphia. “His architectural training allows him to see the building process from my vantage point, enabling him to create lighting design that reflects the intended vision–and transforms the building. His teams benefit from his vision and their own unique sensibilities, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

AWA will design and implement lighting solutions that benefit the people who will live, work, communicate, and interact in the buildings and structures the firm lights. Services include lighting design and consultation, fixture design, and lighting integration with all building systems, such as HVAC, security and surveillance and AV. The firm will be particularly skilled in green and sustainable solutions, high design materials and methods, and designing smart spaces and structures.

“This brand transformation reflects a rationalization across all our markets,” says Abhay Wadhwa, principal of Available Light: NY. We will offer clients the same service, creativity, and commitment to excellence across geographies, while expanding our reach like never before” he adds. “I’m excited about the possibilities,” he concludes.