Pro audio distribution company Autograph Sales has been appointed an executive agent for Midas as part of the manufacturer's reshuffle of its UK distribution. Autograph has also rejoined the Klark Teknik fold by becoming a dealer for its product range once again.

Midas' new executive agent principle applies to its large-format consoles, excluding Venice. The company believes that its new network of agents will add value to the sale in terms of part exchange, payment plans, by attracting a new market sector or from the benefit of having an established relationship with the client.

"UK rental companies and installers now have access to consoles at 'commercial user' rate," explains Midas sales manager (UK) Richard Ferriday. "Factory-approved executive agents are authorized to negotiate sales on behalf of Midas, but there is no stocking commitment, and all after-sales and technical support is handled by the factory. We still retain direct contact with the market and a close relationship with the customer, who may, of course, approach us direct if they wish. However, there is no financial incentive to buy direct from the factory, so if they prefer to deal via an executive agent, that's also fine. The benefit to the customer is a choice of where and how they structure their purchase, but with the security of knowing that whoever they choose, the price will remain the same, as the agents' value margin is paid by Midas. Autograph is a company with an excellent reputation, and a portfolio of high-end products. With their commitment to providing only quality solutions, Autograph and Midas make perfect partners."

Klark Teknik is also delighted with Autograph's decision to take on its product range again. "Historically, Autograph Sales has always been part of the Klark Teknik family in the UK," explains Klark Teknik international sales manager David Wiggins. "However, at the time of the last major shakeup in the UK reseller network a couple of years ago Autograph did not feel that its business model was exactly compatible with ours, and opted out of direct representation of Klark Teknik products. Following further negotiations, both parties are delighted to announce that Autograph Sales is now back onboard as a fully-fledged KT reseller, with 100% support from the factory. To celebrate Autograph's reappointment, the company has just secured a significant KT sale to leading PA rental company Canegreen." Standardizing on its preferred monitor processor, Canegreen has purchased two Klark Teknik DN9848s, representing Autograph's first sale for the manufacturer since rejoining its reseller network.

"We were sorry to have felt the need to separate from KT distribution at the end of 2001, but are delighted to be back in partnership, especially with the arrival of the Helix digital equalization system," says Autograph director Graham Paddon. "Having Midas in our product range as well is the icing on the cake."