Professional audio distributor Autograph Sales has become the exclusive UK distributor for Aviom, a range of US manufactured monitoring solutions for stage and studio.

The original Aviom system offers digital monitoring solutions, by transmitting 16 discreet audio channels via a single cable. It is designed to operate with the inexpensive and readily available CAT5 cable. The A-16 II personal mixer can be found in broadcast and recording studios, as well as in live-sound situations, where it can be used for foldback monitoring using speakers, headphones or in-ear monitors.

The range has now been complemented with the provision of a true "digital snake" system. Currently using a 16-channel line input module and 16-channel line output module; the range is due to be extended in the next couple of months by the addition of a 16-channel mic/line input module. As well as providing a substitute for heavy multicore cables, the new system also provides a splitting facility in the digital domain, thus avoiding the need for huge racks of analogue splitters.

Joel Brazy, Director of International Sales at Aviom, was delighted that Autograph Sales agreed to take on the product line and comments "Aviom felt that a company with an experienced team and unrivaled customer support was needed to be able to promote and understand the product line in the way we wanted, and with it’s well respected history and reputation, Autograph Sales was the natural choice."

The popularity of Aviom has already been proven to Autograph Sales when, only a number of days after taking on the range, the first sale was made to Merseyside Audio Consultants, with several other systems already on demo with some of Autograph Sales' key customers.