July 1, 2008 marked not only 11 years since Hong Kong’s transfer back to China, but also the official launch of Artistic Licence Asia. The new company, founded as an evolution of the successful relationship between Artistic Licence UK and the Hong Kong-based Ptarmigan Consulting, will, like its UK counterpart, take an active role in both product and project based activities in the Far and Middle East.

“We have been working together on a less formal basis for the past two years,” explains Artistic Licence managing director, Wayne Howell. “This has proved to be a great, and continuing, success allowing us to explore the market thoroughly and establish ourselves within it. We have decided the time is now right to formalize the relationship by forming an independent company, Artistic Licence Asia.”

Artistic Licence Asia’s main focus will be project-based, covering both the Far and Middle East. “Our mission is to work closely alongside local and overseas designers throughout the whole process, acting in a guiding and advisory role to help them to find the best solutions to their project,” states Howell. “With the rapid development of China and the influx of new technologies from the West to deal with, we have a lot to offer with our experience and knowledge.

“Artistic Licence Asia has four full time members of staff and a high level of resources to hand. Our track record shows we are not here to jump on the bandwagon but here for the long stay."