Anyone who appreciates the impact of cinematography shouldn’t raise an eyebrow at the title of the current photo exhibit at New York’s Art Directors Club. “Art of the Commercial” features TV advertising reels from some of the industry’s most respected directors of photography, accompanied by 75 black and white portraits. The photos, which were selected from a print advertising campaign sponsored by the Entertainment Imaging division of Eastman Kodak Company, are by Douglas Kirkland, who is well known for his portraits of movie stars. The elegant style Kirkland has brought to such icons as Marilyn Monroe and Leonardo DiCaprio has now been applied to the likes of Allen Daviau, Vittorio Storaro, and Ellen Kuras.

The exhibition, which also includes quotes about their craft from the featured DPs, runs through May 31 at the Art Directors Club Gallery, 106 W. 29 St. in Manhattan. For more information, visit the club’s website,