To better serve an expanding customer base on the east and west coasts, ARRI Inc. has brought on board two well-regarded professionals in the lighting industry -- Fred H. Horne and Mike Jones.

Jones, formerly of lighting and grip rental house 1st Unit, has joined ARRI Inc. in the newly created position of technical sales representative. His duties based out of the Burbank, CA office include sales, product development, evaluation, and troubleshooting.

Says Jones, “Working for ARRI is the best place to utilize my talents and apply the knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 30 years.”

Jones’ first step into the film business began on American Graffiti (1973), directed by George Lucas. He has since garnered three decades of experience in various areas of lighting. Having worked as a gaffer, electrician and lighting director on commercial productions, Jones later owned and operated the lighting facility 1st Unit, located in the Bay Area. In the last 18 years he also worked closely with ARRI, not only as a buyer of their products but in representing the company at industry trade shows.

As a former ARRI customer, his direct involvement and comprehensive background will support future ARRI clients even further. “Working as a gaffer I rented the equipment and I worked with the equipment in the field," he says. "Owning a rental business, I sold the equipment and I repaired the equipment. I can say firsthand that ARRI has the best products and the best quality.”

Horne is now a part of the ARRI Blauvelt, NY team as the northeast lighting sales manager. The position was previously held by Roger Dean, who now covers the Southern region.

With production up in the Northeast area of the US, Horne attributes much of his business to tax incentives like the Made in New York Incentive Program. “The movie business is doing well right now, every rental house is very busy and that’s changed from a year ago," he says. "With the help of the tax rebates for the films, it really has helped fuel the northeast film business." Horne’s new role will continue to improve ARRI’s customer support and relations with this influx of production.

Previously, Horne served as sales executive for Fourth Phase (PRG), in charge of lighting rentals and sales for TV and film productions in the New York City area. Before joining Fourth Phase, Horne was vice president of KLL (Ken Longert Lighting), providing customized lighting packages and on-site installation services for major clients such as CNBC, Fox News, NASDAQ, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

“Working with the rental houses and distribution centers, I really get a sense of the customer loyalty that ARRI products produce," Horne says. "ARRI continues to deliver state-of-the-art high quality products that the industry requires to stay on the cutting edge.”