ANSI E1.17 - 2006, Entertainment Technology - Architecture for Control
Networks, better known as ACN, is now available for sale on The ESTA Foundation website.

ACN is a suite of documents that specifies architecture, including protocols and language, which may be configured and combined with other standard protocols to form flexible, networked audio, lighting, or other control systems. It can be implemented on networks that support UDP, IP, and related protocols. It is not bound to Ethernet as a transport medium, but Ethernet is an obvious choice.

ACN is being distributed via download as a 5MB ZIP archive file consisting of 17 PDF and two DDL files. The hardcopy is a CDROM; there is no paper version offered. The ReadMe file lists the 18 other files that make up the suite and provides links to the human-readable PDFs, as well as giving acknowledgments and stating legal notices.

ESTA member discounts are available, and sales help support The ESTA Foundation's charitable and educational work.

For more information, contact:

Karl G. Ruling
Technical Standards Manager
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