Analog Way is proud to announce the certification of its Soft Edge Blending Classes by the InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) Training Program – Earning: 1RU. The demand for Soft Edge Blending(SEB) installations and shows is rapidly growing due to the profound impact of the presentations enabled by this technology.

Soft Edge Blendingconsists of the set up of a large screen image using multiple video projectors with overlapping areas that make the seams between projectors invisible. This application requires specific techniques from the calculation of the screen size to the adjustment of image parameters in order to obtain a perfect seamless image.

To enhance the service provided to its customers and the end users of its products, Analog Waydeveloped a training program called “Analog Days.” The success of the sessions organized in Europe pushed the company to move this program even further with the organization of training sessions dedicated to Soft Edge Blendingoffered on its booth during InfoComm08, Las Vegas. These sessions of 1 hour each, offered in English and Spanish, allowed the attendees to gain all the necessary knowledge and experience to create a perfect Soft Edge Blendinginstallation or show.

Following these classes, attendees were presented with an Analog WaySoft Edge Blending Certificate Of Achievement, Level 1 and the InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) Training Program certified these Soft Edge Blending classes. From now on, each Soft Edge Blending classoffered by Analog Waywill give credit to attendees for 1 RU, ensuring the quality of the training delivered.