Analog Way, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters, teams up with Stewart Filmscreen Corporation and Shanghaï Golden Bridge for the upcoming Infocomm China, to be held in Shanghaï, from April 16th to April 18th, 2003. Analog Way powerful seamless switcher, the Graphic Switcher II along with its Multi-Screen add-on will be showcased at their booth 203 located on the first level.

David Desbordes, Managing Director at Analog Way Pte, Ltd. comments on this exciting marketing opportunity for both companies: "Stewart screens are unmatched for image accuracy and quality excellence. At Analog Way, we are looking at teaming up with industrial leaders and partners to demonstrate our product reliability and quality. We could make no better choice than Stewart Filmscreen Corporation to showcase our flagship product", adds Desbordes.

Established in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen Corporation, is one of the foremost large screen display developer in the world. Always on the forefront of screen technology, creating the most advanced front and rear projection screens utilizing diffusion, optical lens and light pipe technologies, Stewart Filmscreen was very keen on working with Analog Way and featuring its flagship product, the Graphic Switcher II.

Stevie NG, Stewart Filmscreen Corporation Asia Operations Manager explains why he decided to turn to Analog Way for his show at Infocomm China 2003: "When designing multiple-adherent screens projection system to obtain panoramic images, it is important to ensure a smooth overlap of the images. Analog Way is a unique manufacturer who can offer an exceptional edge-blending solution with the Graphic Switcher II and Multi-Screen Add-On. On top of that, with the Graphic Switcher II we can mix seamlessly between different sources without any projector glitches or irritating waiting intervals. This great product is ideal for what will be presented at Infocomm China. During the show, a wide array of sources from DVD to SDI Digital Video and from the latest HDTV sources to all of today's popular RGB computer formats will be display with transition effects such as PIP, cuts, fades, computer & video wipes, title inserts and mixing." During the show, Stewart will be presenting their NEW Filmscreen 100 high contrast rear projection diffusion screen. Due to a new formulation, the new screen exhibits absolutely no visible "hot-spotting" and has extremely wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle. The screen will measure 1.5m x 5.4m and projected with three high brightness DLP projectors. Each area is a XGA image making a total screen resolution of 2764 x 768 pixels with a 15% overlap between the images.

Graphic Switcher II:

Analog Way Graphic Switcher II features 16 computer & video inputs and provides 8 high-resolution scaled outputs: Main and Preview. The product up or down scale each input to match the native resolution of any projector and plasma display. The Graphic Switcher II enables such effects as inserts (PIP), cuts, fades, wipes and instantaneous mixes with no glitch. An RS232 remote control input is provided. Options include a console unit with a and a TV/Video recording output.

Multi-Screen Add-On: Panoramic, Up to 16 screens wide

Sole product on the market to offer a real compact and complete soft edge-blending and adjustable PIP on the overlap regions, the multi-screen add-on is a downloaded option of the Graphic Switcher II. With Multi-Screen, the ideal product for live shows, you can display a wide screen edge blended image on up to 16 video projectors.

Show Manager: To create a fully automating show

Also available with the Graphic Switcher II is the show manager software that allows to simultaneously drive up to 16 Graphic Switcher II's.

About Analog Way

Founded in 1989, Analog Way is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters with worldwide locations (USA, France and Singapore). The company designs a wide range of computer to video scan converters, scalers, seamless switchers and up/down converters. The products provide the most advanced solutions in the Broadcast, AV, Rental & Staging, Church, Corporate and Industrial markets. For further information, do not hesitate to visit our website at:

About Stewart Filmscreen Corporation

Stewart has over 50 years experience in manufacturing the industry's best projection screens. This family owned corporation brings the highest standards in screen manufacturing and customer service. Through the 50 years manufacturing, Stewart Filmscreen has earned multiple awards with very upstanding companies and industries. Stewart Filmscreen has worked hard to provide the same outstanding quality in all its manufacturing. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation can be accessed at