AMX Corporation (Nasdaq: AMXC), the worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, recently announced the availability of MeetingManager, an innovative new meeting room management and equipment monitoring software package. MeetingManager fills the void between most popular room scheduling systems and the automation or management of room resources, such as audio/visual and environmental systems.

Powered by AMX's NetLinx Control System, MeetingManager provides a comprehensive point of control and automation for corporate and campus-wide operations. MeetingManager allows the user to keep track of room appointments scheduled through Outlook/Exchange, GroupWise, or MeetingManager. These appointments, along with messages and graphics pre-configured by the user, can be viewed on an AMX Modero Touch Panel located at the meeting room entrance. Beyond configuring meeting room functions such as lighting, audio and climate settings, users may select playback sources, display devices and even launch applications.

The University of Minnesota is using another valuable feature of Meeting Manager: the ability to monitor the condition of classroom equipment and send notifications to system administrators when problems arise. "MeetingManager has proved extremely useful because it finds problems with our classroom audio and video equipment, and notifies us of these issues before they become problems for the instructor," said Ray Troyer, University of Minnesota senior engineer. "MeetingManager has prevented a lot of down time in the classroom, saving the University time and resources. We definitely can see the return on investment from this product."

The University had been considering developing their own program to monitor their classrooms, but found that MeetingManager had all the functionality they needed in one seamless package. "We originally thought we just would need to monitor our rooms to keep up with equipment problems, but were sold on MeetingManager once we learned of its reporting capabilities," said Troyer. "We receive valuable usage data such as how much time our equipment is being used, and which equipment has the most problems. This proves useful when it comes to making equipment purchasing decisions."

Where asset management and security remain a high priority, MeetingManager provides greater efficiencies and improved response times. MeetingManager can detect instantly if a device has been disconnected without authorization and notify security of a possible theft in progress. This helps protect the institution's significant investment in high-end presentation electronics and control technology.

For end users, MeetingManager provides them with access to support staff through an interactive help desk interface, ensuring that meetings, classes and other events take place without a hitch. Integrators benefit from MeetingManager by being able to provide remote support to system administrators. From a secure Web browser interface, the integrator can review program code, diagnose potential problems and provide support. In addition, the software is easy to incorporate into a new or existing control system.

"MeetingManager is the industry's first software package that integrates room management with equipment monitoring and maintenance," said Rashid Skaf, AMX Executive Vice President. "It effectively solves issues in room scheduling notification, preventative maintenance, asset management and physical security that directly affect the productivity and continued growth of large corporate and educational institutions. This product fits seamlessly into AMX's growing portfolio of control system technology."

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