Amplico Kapital AB has along with Mr. Göran Olsson invested 17 million Swedish krona in the company AV-Teknik Event Engineering. The company is a supplier of large screen displays of LED and projection technology.

The founder Roberth Fredriksson was the sole owner of the company but as a result of the invested capital, Amplico Kapital now becomes the largest shareholder. The new group of owners also includes Göran Olsson who will become the new chairman of the board. Olsson has a background as CEO and entrepreneur within the telecom and advertising sector.

“With our long-term financing secured, along with the reinvestments we have done, we will now be able to speed up our efforts to expand our business, says Roberth Fredriksson, CEO at AV-Teknik.

Volvo, the Swedish Trade Fair, and several of the clubs in the Swedish Ice Hockey Elitserie are among AV-Teknik’s customers. AV-Teknik’s main office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden with sale offices in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

“We see a great potential in AV-Teknik and we are happy to contribute to strengthening of the company. Our main role in the short term is to bring financial stability to the company, as well as financing the future investments,” says Håkan Hansen, investment manager at Amplico.

“Through the capital injection and the new strong owner structure AV-Teknik is now ready for expansion in its strong market environment. Now it is back to business and focus on our clients to enhance profitability at the same time as developing and broadening our services,” comments Göran Olsson. The transaction has received massive support from customers, suppliers, and employees.

Amplico is a venture capital company that is specialized in financing and managing “turn-around” projects in mature companies. In close cooperation with management and other owners, Amplico implements action plans in order to recreate profitability and value growth. The company manages 560 millions Swedish kronor, mainly financed by the Sixth Governmental Pension Fund in Sweden. The central office is in Gothenburg.