Jones & Phillips Associates, Inc. welcomes senior theatre planner and consultant, William B. Allison III, ASTC to the firm, joining Van Phillips, Ted Paget, and Mike Brubaker in their practice.

"Bill's years of experience are a real complement to Jones & Phillips Associates, Inc. for our national and international work on performing arts facilities," Phillips explains. “Both our firm and Bill have extensive but very different experience as theatre planners and consultants. As a full-service planning firm, the combined knowledge and experience will provide clients with the best range of ideas and options from around the world.”

Prior to joining Jones & Phillips Associates, Allison was head of the Theatre Planning Consultancy of ARTEC Consultants, Inc. Numerous world-class projects on three continents have benefited from Allison's 22 years of experience. His specialties include pre-design phase planning, performance space planning, stage machinery design/specification, performance lighting systems design/specification, and fixed audience seating systems design/specification.

Allison has remained current with production techniques, practices, and materials by periodically practicing his craft on Broadway and in the Opera. Years of touring with Broadway productions, and numerous production design and production management appointments all contribute to his expertise.