ADLIB Audio was out in force again, battling the inclement weather and imbibing the good vibes at Glastonbury 2004. Fielding 19 engineers and audio technicians, they serviced 7 stages – the Cabaret Tent, The Circus Big Top, Outside Theatre, Outside Circus, the Theatre Tent, the Albatross Stage plus a mobile system.

The 3,000 capacity Cabaret Tent was the largest ADLIB audio system, featuring Nexo Alpha speakers and a Soundcraft Series 4 console at FOH and and SM20 onstage, complete with ADLIB monitors. This was looked after by Marc Peers, Tim Dalton and Paul Roberts.

The Circus Tent sounds were coordinated by James Coates, Chris Smethurst and Dave McKenzie using an ADLIB FD system with Allen & Heath control at both ends of the multicore. The Outdoor Theatre was overseen by the multi-skilled Hassane, Paul Dakin, and Graham Smith, who ran another ADLIB FD system with Allen & Heath control.

Getting down and groovy with the earth – and mud – on the outdoor stage were Richie Nicholson and Carl Billington, together with yet another FD/A & H system – proving the great versatility of this combination. In the Theatre Tent, all types of performance – from the experimental to the absurd – were sonically attended by Steve Pattison, Dave Bennett and Charlie Jeale with yet another FD system, this time with a Soundcraft MH3 mixer at FOH.

The Albatross stage – a heady mixture of cosmicity and sludge by the end of Saturday – saw Kenny Perrin avoiding any cheap bird-like puns with another FD/A&H combination rig.

The mobile stage was coordinated by Danny Castree and Scott Negus, who also looked after the 12 complete Shure radio systems supplied by ADLIB for assorted stages at various different times. Keeping tabs on what was needed where and when – and getting it there on time - was one of main logistical challenges of the festival for ADLIB. "The lads handled things brilliantly despite the weather" comments crew chief Marc Peers.

ADLIB’s Dave Kay worked closely with radio frequency regulators JFMG in advance to ensure all the ADLIB systems were on clean frequencies which proved well worth the groundwork.

Additionally ADLIB’s Dave Kay and Ben Booker mixed FOH and monitors for the Scissor Sisters. The band played both the Main Stage and the Dance Tent on the same day. The band ‘most tipped for greatness in 2004’ were one of the highlights of the whole event. Other ADLIB engineers in action included Steve Pattison and James Neale, who mixed FOH and monitors for Amy Winehouse on the Other Stage.