The Jiri Myron Theatre in Ostrava, Czech Republic, is one that country’s newest theatre and is home to the operetta, drama and ballet ensembles of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.

Last summer, the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre partially upgraded its control system, which dated back from the last refurbishment in the 1980s. The company chose ADB control and dimmer systems. ADB’S Czech representative Zat Easy Control supplied the equipment. The lighting crew of the Jiri Myron theatre, and the head of the lighting department, Stanislav Dvorak, had already worked with ADB equipment in the Antonin Dvorak Theatre, which is also part of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.

ADB’s top-of-the-line console Phoenix 10 was chosen for the control desk. It allows enough flexibility to harness the mix of moving lights and standard luminaires that are installed throughout the theatre. The Phoenix 10 has an extended front panel, including a powerful motion control module organized around a multi-function LCD touch screen. The Isis software, common to the entire Phoenix range, integrates a large number of state-of-the-art functions, such as user programmable LTD, FTP and HTP mode per channel, real-time tracking, move in dark, multi-merge of shows, etc.

Zat Easy Control also used the newly developed ADB Software Isis Ttranslator to provide the Phoenix 10 with all menus, pop-up windows, and status reports in Czech language. This enables any local operator of the console to easily understand the information on the computer screen and work faster and more efficiently with the ISIS 1.53 software.

Furthermore, the first installation in the Czech Republic of dimmer manager software based on a bi-directional communication network (ADN.) has been made. ADB’s Dimmer Manager Software works on a standard PC running a Windows operating system and can take control of any dimmer on the network. It is particularly convenient when the dimmers are spread all over the theatre and positioned in places under a stage or high up on a lighting bridge. Playback of 20 lighting cues that are stored directly in the dimmers can be controlled from the Dimmer Manager Software directly during rehearsals or as a backup for the main console. The diagnostic system checks the actual load for every dimmer channel. After storing the correct values for every dimmer channel and during subsequent checks it will indicate any change in the load, even when several luminaires are used in parallel on one dimmer. If a short circuit is detected during an automatic scan, the system will react before the dimmer fuse blows. The statuses of the system are reported on the dimmer’s local display and on the Dimmer Manager PC graphical user interface at the same time.

Equipment installed included:

Ø Phoenix 10 with 4 SVGA Monitors and 1024 DMX outputs

Ø 4 x Erack60/125 with 12 pcs 5 kW Dimmers (200µsec Filters)

Ø 8 x Erack60/243 with 24 pcs 3kW Dimmers (200µsec Filters)

Ø All Dimmers with Diagostics and Dimmer Manager Software on the Advance Dimmer Network Bus. (A D N)

Ø 14 x DN 205 2 kW Profile luminaires with Accessories.

For more information: ;National Moravian-Silesian Theatre; Zat Easy Control: Zat Easy Control; ADB-TTV Technologies