Vari-Lite announced the appointment of John Adams as the director of product development for all current and future VARI*LITE® products. Adams will direct all engineering and project efforts through his engineering, software, and optical staff at Vari-Lite’s Dallas headquarters.

“John’s reputation and abilities fueled our desire to bring him to Vari-Lite. His experience in developing products for other manufacturers convinced us that he would make a valuable member of our engineering development team,” explains Steve Carson, vice president and general manager of Genlyte Controls and Vari-Lite. “His extensive knowledge in entertainment lighting will contribute significantly to our success in developing the products that will carry us for many, many years to come.”

British born, Adams is a lighting industry veteran and founder of a UK lighting distributor, Lightfactor. For 13 years, Lightfactor distributed automated luminaires and other leading-edge lighting products. Adams then spent seven years working at High End Systems in Austin, TX. Most recently, he established and directed the engineering, product design, and manufacturing operations for Chinese-based Apogee Lighting for the IAG Group.

“I remember the first time I saw Vari-Lite luminaires; on the Genesis tour back in the early 80's. Like most people in the industry I was ‘inspired’,” states Adams. “I never dreamt that some 20+ years later I would be contributing towards the continued success of this great brand which, with the backing of Genlyte, remains the world’s leading automated luminaire. Our focus now is to supplement our established products with developments that will give our customers even more creative tools to go beyond their imagination.”