AC Lighting Inc., the Agoura Hills, CA-based lighting distributor, is changing its name to ACT Lighting, effective July 1.

According to Bob Gordon, president and CEO of ACT Lighting, the change in name does not represent any change in the way the business is run or in the ownership of the company, but rather as recognition of the separate and distinct identity that AC Lighting now holds in the US market from its UK namesake AC Lighting Ltd. (Gordon acquired controlling shareholding interest in AC Lighting in 2000.) "As we have grown as a company we have developed our own unique style, which very much separates us in the market from AC Lighting Ltd,” Gordon explains. “I think as time has gone on our strategies, goals and product portfolios have diverged to such an extent that it was now time for us to have a unique identity so that we have a recognizable brand not just in the US but in international markets as well."

ACT Lighting, Inc. (ACT stands for Architectural, Concert and Theatrical) will continue to use existing email and web addresses until after this year’s LDI; however the new email address and website address will all be fully working as of July 1. To update contact information, simply add a "T" to the email address of the appropriate person at AC Lighting, Inc. So becomes The address, phone and fax numbers all remain the same.

Any questions regarding the name change can be sent to: