Jack Johnson is using a High End Systems Catalyst™ Pro Media Server to provide the ever-changing backdrop of his US summer tour in support of his latest album, In Between Dreams.

Lighting contractor Theatrical Media Services (TMS) of Omaha is supplying the digital media server as a main design element in the show.

The images used were created with material from Johnson’s manager Emmett Malloy. "The Catalyst system enables us to smoothly incorporate the images into the show," says lighting director Joel Reiff. "Video has become another tool for the lighting director/designer. It's no longer the competition, and Catalyst is so simple to use you no longer separate it from lighting fixtures. On or off, color this or fade that. Very simple."

The design by Nook Schoenfeld relied heavily on soft goods and video images, so being able to sculpt the Catalyst's eight layers in different situations without being too obtrusive was a priority.

"We can get an old school look with new school technology. We're not interested in flash and trash type effects for Jack's show. Nook and I made sure the emphasis was kept on the music, with the visuals serving to enhance rather than distract," continues Reiff.

Reiff adds, "TMS's lighting crew of Pat Haines (who doubles as a fabulous tour photographer), Mario Marchio and Mike Runice (handling the video and projector chores), along with tour rigger Pat Dickinson has made this both an easy and enjoyable experience."

Johnson’s U.S. tour runs to Sept. 17.

Photos by Pat Haines