The Department of Multimedia and Internet Technology (MIT) of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) has announced that it has equipped its facility with Medialon show control and also offer Medialon Training to its students.

The Department of Multimedia and Internet Technology is one of the Departments in the Information Technology Discipline in the Tsing Yi Nexus. Its major focus is on the multimedia applications and Internet technologies and has a mandate to collect a wide range of industry standard hardware and software for the production of multimedia products.

Recently, the Animatronics Technology Centre of MIT was equipped with show control management software system from Medialon for education purpose. “Medialon, because of its easy to use timeline interface, highly hardware independent capability, network orientation and other powerful features, is widely accepted by show presenters and rental companies in Europe and USA and is getting attentions from users in Pacific Rim Countries. One of the latest examples in PRC is the well-known Beijing Capital Museum, which incorporates Medialon for controlling its new 3D curved screen projection system. Medialon has been defacto standard in show and media control. That is why MIT equip their laboratory with it,” comments Acting Principal Lecturer of MIT Eric Liu.

MIT has been actively and continuously upgrading the curriculum of their courses and is launching new higher diploma courses in Creative Media and Entertainment Technology, and Multimedia Exhibition Design to cope with the manpower requirement of the industry. They have been improving facilities in existing laboratories and is building new studios for students to acquire the most updated skill and knowledge that allow them not only capable to steadily join the workforce after graduation but also bring in creativity and innovation in applying latest audio visual technologies to the industry.

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