Blackburn, UK-based rental house HSL has purchased over 200 units of the powerful ColorSpot 1200 AT and ColorWash 1200 AT fixtures from Robe UK.

This deal is one of the largest European sales of moving heads to date from Robe Show Lighting, and will help establish the company in the UK lighting rental arena. The deal was completed by HSL’s Simon Stuart and Robe UK’s Ian W. Brown, and the units will immediately go into HSL’s busy hire department run by Sean McGlone.

“Today’s market is about having a large quantity of rental stock and a fast turnaround, so it was essential that we chose the right fixtures that are reliable and easy to maintain," says Stuart. "The Robe 1200 AT series has all the attributes you’d expect from a top quality product. This, plus the two-year warranty - giving fixed costs - ensures the units are highly cost effective to run.”

Mike Oates, instrumental in bringing the purchase of the Robe units to HSL’s board of directors comments, “Robe’s two-year warranty is exceptional, and a huge asset for our rental operation. The color temperature from the MSR light source is fantastic, and the unit’s optics are excellent, particularly for television, touring, and theatre work. The 14 – 42 degree zoom is perfect for all venues.”

The first major event for HSL’s new fixtures is the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, in Kiev, Ukraine, which sees in excess of 330 units on the final.