ESTA, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association, will host a roundtable discussion on the recently released study "How Customers Specify and Buy Expendables, Equipment and Systems in the Entertainment Industries" on Thursday, March 17th from 11am – 12:30pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Center during the USITT Conference.

The roundtable will be led by members of the ESTA task group that commissioned and oversaw the study, including Stan Schwartz of Rosco, Bill Groener of Color Kinetics, and Bill Morris of High End Systems. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the results of the survey in depth and learn how some of the top marketing and sales people in the industry interpret the data.

If you play a role in marketing products or services to the entertainment industries, this study will prove invaluable. Several thousand buyers and specifiers from all areas of the industry responded to the question you most want answered. We asked about when they buy, how they buy, where they look for product information and the most important issues when evaluating expendables, equipment or systems and their suppliers.

Companies looking for sales growth in this industry will be able to use this research to focus your marketing programs with greater accuracy. Should you have a larger exhibit at a trade show, or would you be wiser to expand your web site? Should you invest more heavily in magazine advertising or expanded distribution of your printed catalog? This study should provide you with unprecedented guidance for these and dozens of other issues. The roundtable is open only to those who have purchased the survey. You can see the Table of Contents and download an order form at, or call 212-244-1505 for more information.