Altman Rentals, Inc. has just launched its own website; previously Altman Rentals was a part of the larger Altman Lighting website. The new website——highlights Altman Rentals ability to support the various needs of theatres, schools, churches, events, concerts and the TV/film industries.

Altman Rentals, under the leadership of Randy Altman, has been supplying the lighting industry with package and supplemental rentals for over forty years. They have constantly been growing and adding equipment to their rental inventory and while best known in the past as primarily a supplemental equipment supplier that provided gear to other rental houses, with the changing rental climate, Altman decided that it was time to raise the profile of Altman Rentals among end users.

"Our staff—with their diversified backgrounds in theatre, television, and touring—has the ability to provide a quality level of service," says Randy Altman. "We are determined to offer that high level of service to all our customers."

Director of rental operations, John Carver sees the new website as an invitation for clients to get to know Altman Rentals. "It will give the client…that doesn’t know us a better opportunity to see who we are. The website will help introduce them to us and give us the chance to introduce them to our customer service experience."

Altman hopes that visitors to the new website see that Altman Rentals’ main concerns are "people, dedication, and service. We want to be here for our customers not only as their rental resource but as a real support for their production needs. We want to be able to offer solutions and service that exceeds their expectations." One of the features on the new website to help offer those solutions will be the information library that has educational materials, industry articles, as well as manufacturer links to better understand the equipment they can rent.

In addition to Altman Lighting products, Altman Rentals has an extensive inventory of gear from all the major lighting manufacturers carrying a wide selection of fixtures, dimming, control, distribution, grip equipment, followspots, and expendables. They also have a large inventory of Strong Xenon Gladiator followspots.

Altman Rentals stands behind all its equipment, which is maintained by factory-trained technicians. In addition to equipment rentals, the service shop is available for repairs or service calls regardless of where the gear was purchased.

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