5 Star Cases has designed and built a series of 20 custom flight cases to house Color Kinetics’ new iColor® Cove QL LED fixtures for rental company Richard Martin Lighting.

In total, the cases hold 400 strips of iColor Cove. They are based on the popular Light Industrial specification and were designed by 5 Star’s Phil Lawrence working to a brief from RML’s Steve Wells.

Wells comments, “They are exceptionally robust and well constructed cases, laid out so any missing elements are immediately noticeable. The long briefcase size also makes them extremely portable.”

Light Industrial is becoming popular due to its expedient weight–made possible since the carcass is constructed from 6mm plywood. The strength is not compromised as the cases use the same basic fittings found on the heavier Industrial specification.

RML’s black laminate exterior and full corporate branding were also part of 5 Star’s brief. Each case houses 20 iColor units in two areas, one set of 10 in the base and 10 in a removable tray. Both areas of the case incorporated CNC routed polyethylene foam inserts, with the necessary geometry produced from samples of the iColor fixtures.

Compartments in the case held the power supply and connecting cable looms. Due to the relative light weight of the cases, a single leather handle was provided enabling 40 iColor Cove QLs and associated accessories to be easily carried by one person.

The new cases and fixtures went out on two TV productions: ITV’s popular game shows Family Fortunes and No Strings Attached. RML uses 5 Star for many of its flight case requirements, and has recently added another twelve 5 Star trunks to the hire inventory to house the new Martin MAC 700 moving lights.

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