We are deeply saddened by the loss of lighting industry veteran and former CEO of Martin Professional US Troels Volver. We'll be sharing your memories here, and we'll continue to update this page. Please send your thoughts and/or images to editor@livedesignonline.com if you would like to be included in this tribute.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work for you, and with you, Troels. You are still a great influence and the best example I have ever had as a man who empowered his employees to make decisions and to run our business. I am thankful we had the opportunity to get the reunion photo a couple years ago at InfoComm, and even more so, I was extremely happy and quite shocked when I was taking my son to his golf lessons at Heron Bay, and I ran in to you and your son, Jasper out of the blue. There you were with a big hug, and a great big smile, making me feel like I was in your home, even though you’d been back in Denmark for years.--Jamey Brock

I went to work for Troels Volver in 2001 officially, but the truth be known, I went to work for Troels the day I met him. He had that kind of personality, infectious, confidence building; he made you feel as if you were the only thing he had been thinking about for days. The first time Eric Loader introduced him to me, I took a step back and said, "This is who Martin sent to the USA to sell lights and right the ship." Oh boy, this guy looks like he just got off a Viking Trireme, ready burn the village down and eat raw meat through a barbed wire fence!

Actually their ought to be a character in How to Train your Dragon named after our man Troels! If there was, he would be the most nurturing, most success driven, most compassionate (when it was about friends and family), and most honest, and yes, brutally honest, person in the story. Troels Volver told it like it was, is, and in some cases how it was going to be. He was sent to America to put a face on Martin and make sure the folks in the North American market understood who Danish people are and to understand they wanted our business.

Well, it was evident to the folks in Las Vegas that Troels wanted their business immediately, as did the production companies around the US. In record speed, and with the help of a couple of good fixtures (MAC 600, MAC 500, and M2K, and yes, the demise of another helped. Troels Volver, with his audacious personality and a boss who listened to him, Kristen Kolding, did want no other foreign automated lighting manufacture had been able to do then or till this day: create a market across the board for a foreign automated light manufactuer. This wasn't about one light. Troels made and sold the brand to the North American market into a product solution in every market and purchase point...Yes everyone has a had a fixture, but the line Martin drew in the early 2000s still stands--the specs, the name, the common agreement--they are a world leader. Trust me, a lot of that came from the soul of Troels Volver swinging his hammer in the North American market.

Yes, other people did things to make this happen. We all sold; the Polar Bears kept coming with product, but none of that works unless someone stands up and says, "Yes, it is the way. Yes, it is better. Yes, we do stand by what we sold!" His crazy face did that everyday! And as we have all witnessed, finding a leader like that has not been so easy for Martin, or frankly, some of these automated light manufactures. Yes, we all know they want your money and their flag on your show, building, or production company, but do any of them really know you, do they really care to know you or your situation, do they care about you 10 seconds after you bought those 100 fixtures or even two fixtures? Troels Volver did! --Tim Brennan

Troels Volver – Great Friend, family man, and an inspiration. That says it all! We will all miss him forever. --Michael T. Strickland

Troels had a wicked sense of humor, every time I saw him, he made me laugh. He would give me a hard time and lay out a few jabs, and it always made me like him even more. He was a very unique and interesting guy. I don't know anybody that was like him. I will miss him. --Jeff Nickles

What away to begin a new year to hear of one of our great Lights in our small industry going out so early Troels always met you with a smile and a good laugh and made you feel at home while introducing you to some game changer products. Here in Miami, he was the only other European I knew, so we shared the same sense of humour, which I'll miss dearly.

He was a great leveller, and his decency and timing was exceptional as he never discussed business till you brought it up...sometimes we never brought it up. You always knew he actually cared about your family as he cared so much for his beautiful wife and his beloved son, Jasper.

He lifted Martin, and anyone that worked with him here in the US to a different level and some to a better golf game. He lifted Martin's profile in my world and washed us all with his wonderful soul.

I always wonder when such a generous kind person leaves us too early, are they going somewhere else to make their world, as Troel did every day, a better place.

He contacted me recently to meet up, but sadly, that will never happen now. You never know...drop everything, keep real people in your life, and see your friends more.

Troels, you are one of a kind, and the world has just lost another great soul to the great dimmer beach in the sky, and his many friends and colleagues know he's already making them laugh there! -- Tom Kenny

Dear Troels,

I’ll miss you man.

There are so many moments in my life where I can pinpoint your influence. You gave me confidence, comfort, and discipline all at the same time. You taught me the importance of regiment. You taught me the importance of making a decision “now”, and sticking with it, good or bad. You told the truth, always, and encouraged me to do the same, unless it cost me the sale.

Your sense of humor was legendary. Your 2” x 4”. The door not on your office. Vegas! Priceless memories…

You were hands down the best leader I’ve ever worked with. People didn’t work for you, they worked with you. All for one, one for all…for real. Another life lesson I’ll never forget.

I wish a couple things would have happened before you left us;
One, I wish you were here to understand how many people you really touched. How many people thought you were an extraordinary man. I’m not sure you knew that. Certainly these forums are affirmation that you were loved and respected to a degree beyond the normal man. You were anything but normal, and you deserve to be celebrated with the best of them. I will personally celebrate knowing you for the rest of my life.
Two, I would have loved to find out exactly how you fit 14 golf balls into your left pocket without your shorts being down past your knees. Simply magical. I would have never questioned it at the time. You may have hit me with one of them. Now all of the sudden I’ve got the balls, right? :)

It’s hard to put into words all of the things I would like to say to you. I guess the easiest way to do it would be to simply say thank you.

I’ll miss you man.

Your friend,
Nick Freed

Troels had a special way of making you feel like you were the most important person when you meet him. If you came in the office to buy five Starflash fixtures for $500.00 or if you were buying 50 MAc 2Ks for $500,000, both customers were greeted with a great big smile and a warm sincere welcome that keep them coming back. Troels always had time for anyone that would come into the office. He was head of Martin's largest subsidiary, and he always made time to say hello.

Troels was the most disciplined man I have ever meet. He would be in the office at 5am on the regular speaking with the “Polar Bears” and leave with the rest of us who came in at 9:00 am. You couldn’t find a man more put together in his appearance than Troels. He religiously had creases in his jeans and the perfect amount of starch in his shirts that just screamed proud ex-military man. And his shoes were spit-shined to high-gloss finish that had to be a top secret method to get them that clean.

He had a great sense of humor. Who could forget being at the busy bar in one of the LDI hotels, and Troels lights a napkin on fire, starts waving it in the air screaming “Nurse, Nurse!” to get the bartenders attention. In one of our sales meetings, Troels and Eric Loader gave me the White Elephant sales award. The White Elephant award was given to the salesman who chased the large dream projects that would never happen. The award was a big bag of peanuts. Troels called it “Elephant Bait!”

Troels: “Here Noel, bait for more elephants! Go sell some shit!”
Me: “Troels, I got a big PO yesterday.”
Troels: “But what have you done for me latley!?!?!?”

Man, I miss that!!

Troels has positively impacted so many people in this world with his generosity, his leadership, his character and his love. I, for one, have a void in my heart, and I know many of my colleagues, ex-colleagues, and friends will carry around that same empty space left by my friend, our friend Troels Volver… Rest in Peace.

--Noel Duncan

Troels knew one direction and one speed....forward and full throttle. It's how he lived life and how he worked.

I knew Troels for more than 18 years and 12 during my time at Martin and he was there from the beginning days when Martin and PJ started its world domination quest. He was instrumental in the success and was trusted by all to lead the charge and growth of Martin US in 1998 and was a breath of fresh air to us all after a few years of turmoil. Prior to Troels arrival in the US, I had 4 bosses in 3 years before. The thing he did best was listen to his staff and empower them to do their job.

He was the best motivator, listener, leader and friend anyone who knew him could have hoped for. He told it like it was, didn't sugar coat things and was not the most politically correct person but his heart was always in the right place.

He loved his family and his friends. He fought always for the customer and went to the mat many times for his staff. He put the fear of god in some people but for the all right reasons and good intentions. He loved his family, fast cars, the ocean and golf but was not the best at counting his strokes. His favorite band was Hall & Oats and his favorite song was Bad to the bone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7VsoxT_FUY.

His adjectives were colorful and his people skills outweighed his computer skills but he built a team at Martin US that was second to none and I was honored to be at his side during thick and thin. We made a great team. He built relationships with customers and co-workers that were genuine and true. From the janitor to the best sales guy you were treated the same. During the centralization phase at Martin he along with many others saw things differently from top management so they moved on.

He was more than a mentor or boss to me, he was a part of my life. He was there when I met my soul mate, when we got engaged, when we got married at our wedding in Hawaii and when our daughter was born.

We had countless trips together around the world where I would chase him through airports cause he walked so damn fast and I will never forget the time I spilled my glass of red wine on his lap sitting next to me 30 minutes into a 10hr flight to DK and he just rolled with it.

He had the best sense of humor all be it crude, you had to laugh. He lofted the hearts of many and always cheered you up when you were down.

Simply put he brought the best out of people and if you we're not on his team then u knew it but only if u looked the other way.

Good on you
Bean counter
Kick some ass
The tits
Shrimp Head Dummy
Where's the love?
Sell some shit

I love you TV and you are missed dearly. --Eric Loader

Still trying to wrap my head around the loss of Troels... It has centered on the belief he had in me as a designer to throw the weight of Martin Lighting behind a young, inexperienced designer and say we were partners in busting the glass ceiling and opening up everything that followed. I will never forget him, never not hear that laugh, never be able to repay him for believing in me. A giant of a human being that I will sorely miss and be forever grateful. --Seth Jackson