Sten Severson has worked extensively with ACME Sound Partners. His work with them includes Hair (Broadway and Delacorte), Hamlet (Delacorte), and as an assistant/associate for: In the Heights (Broadway); Avenue Q (Las Vegas and Tour); High Fidelity (Broadway); Spamalot (Broadway, Las Vegas); The Light in the Piazza (Tour); Mambo Kings (Pre-Broadway); Dracula (Broadway). Other Selected Sound Design Credits: The Yellow Wood (NYMF); Curvy Widow – co-design with Mark Bennett (Alliance, Atlanta, GA); The Controversy of Valladolid (Public Theater, NYC); It Just Catches (Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC); Mao on Line One and On the Open Road (DownTownTheatre, NYC); Macbeth and Gum (Center Stage, Baltimore, MD); The Psychic Life of Savages (Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT); Leading Ladies - co-design with John Gromada (Ford’s Theatre, Washington, DC). Associate/Assistant Sound Design: Lord of the Rings (Toronto; Simon Baker, Designer), Wonderful Town (Broadway; Lew Mead, Designer) Sixteen Wounded and Retreat from Moscow (Broadway; John Gromada, Designer), A Year with Frog and Toad (Broadway; Rob Milburn, Designer).