Create a sharper image with this one-day exploration of cutting-edge LED video and digital lighting, from creative design applications to in-depth technology presentations.

The Live Design Projection Master Classes, hosted at the XL LED Lab, is the perfect opportunity to learn about the most cutting-edge, creative LED video and digital lighting products that exist, how to work with them, and how to integrate them into all types of designs.

The new XL LED Lab, located in New York City’s SoHo district, is a unique space, which showcases LED video technology from all over the world. The lab offers over 35 full-scale installations of the leading LED video and digital lighting products from a range of top manufacturers including (among others) Barco, Element Labs, G-Lec, Traxon, PixelRange, Beadlight and Martin. This one of a kind immersive environment allows designers—lighting, scenic, interior, tradeshow, event, architectural, even environment designers— to see and experiment with products side-by-side, allowing designers to explore all the different possible applications when making their creative decisions.