Yves Aucoin’s reputation as a lighting and production designer in the entertainment industry is without comparison. With over 25 years of experience, his track record proves that his skills and creativity are truly unique and his expertise invaluable.

In 1989, he started working with Celine Dion and has been part of the creative team ever since. He created the magical heart-shaped stage for the Let’s Talk About Love World Tour. For the Las Vegas Cesar’s Palace show, A New Day, he effectively demonstrated how pop could meet theatrics, making him an important figure in the lighting industry. His most recent production design for Celine in Las Vegas opened in March 2011 to rave reviews.

Aucoin is also the lighting designer behind the Cirque du Soleil's Beatles LOVE mega production—his signature style once again contributing to the magic surrounding the show. He also designed Wintuk, Cirque du Soleil’s first show in New York at the Paramount Theatre in 2007-2008.

Apart from receiving many Felix awards—Quebec's music industry highest honor—Aucoin was also awarded by LDI as a designer of excellence in 2006 and received a Telly award in 2009. Aucoin has no plans to slow down in the near future. Between the Celine Dion shows, his collaboration with French rock icon Johnny Hallyday, and a new project with Disney, he’s continuously inspired to create fresh, new and exciting production designs. He always embraces each challenge with a smile and delivers wholeheartedly.

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