Throughout the '90s, Arnold Serame programmed and lighting directed for various concerts and TV shows, starting with Michael Jackson for Peter Morse and culminating as programmer and touring lighting director for Morse on Madonna’s Drowned World Tour.

In 2002, Serame designed lighting and toured with Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama world, and at the same time, helped co-found Zed Ink, a creative agency. Over the next few years, he co-creative directed and lit a series of the burgeoning Xbox events and Microsoft launches.

In 2007, he started Serame Design, a multi-disciplinary design firm, designing lighting for an ongoing series of events, and auto shows for George P. Johnson and Toyota, Lexus, and Scion. He continues to design, program, and creative direct on various projects including: lighting design for BlizzCon, a 26,000 person gaming event with six stages and four live HD Internet Broadcasts; lighting direction and programming for Tom Beck for the TV show Majors and Minors; and show director and one of the senior producers for the racing event, the Toyota World Convention, for George P. Johnson.