Wendall K. Harrington was the creative consultant for the first Projection Master Classes in 2005 and she is participating in both the BLMC and BPMC this year. Both of her course descriptions are as follows.

Wendall K. Harrington: Projection and the Lighting Designer

BLMC THURSDAY MAY 17, 2007—3:45 – 5:15
Noted projection designer Wendall K. Harrington covers information useful to lighting designers who are dealing with the exploding use of projections in the theatre, potential pitfalls, and serious suggestions to make the process smoother and get more satisfying results.

Wendall K. Harrington: The What, Why, and How of Projections as an Art and a Craft

BPMC FRIDAY MAY 18, 2007— 9:00 – 10:30
The Godmother of Projection Design herself presents her views on the current state of the art of projection, including what, why, and how projection design and collaboration work in today’s theatre environments.