Beverly Emmons: Thinking About Color

BLMC TUESDAY MAY 15, 2007—2:00 – 3:30 PM

LDs Clifton Taylor and Beverly Emmons have developed this popular color lecture for the Broadway Lighting Master Class over the last seven years to discuss and illustrate the way color in light behaves. The theatrical uses of color and the theories behind those choices are illustrated with demonstrations on a white figure. Primary and secondary colors, as well as CYM mixing will be looked at, and the color contrasting theory called Dominant and Recessive will be explored.

In an article on about "Groundbreaking Women in Theater," Emmons notes: "A lighting designer’s work doesn’t exist unless it hits something, so what’s going on is pretty ephemeral. And what we do is express and reinforce and reveal to the audience the underlying meanings of the piece, a lot of which are nonverbal."