Schedule* for Live Design's inaugural TV Lighting Master Classes, December 1 & 2 at the Ronald Tutor Center Ballroom at USC in Los Angeles.

Saturday, December 1

12pm-1pm: Registration, Lunch, and Manufacturers Showcase
1pm-1:30pm: Jeff Ravitz, Intro and Basic Theories of Television Lighting: Jeff Ravitz welcomes everyone with an overview of TV lighting and where it intersects, or departs, from any other lighting.

1:30-3pm: Live to Broadcast, Specials, and DVDs: Manny Treeson, Jim Moody, and Jeff Ravitz: Our panel talks about live shows with live audiences, that just happen to be shot for broadcast. So, how do we make it work for both the audience and the camera?

3:15:4:45pm: Demo: Color Temp, Exposure, Cameras: A quick and simple introduction to the unique eye that is the camera, and how it reacts to our lighting.

5:00-6:30: Klages on Klages: Bill Klages: Bill Klages has won 7 national Emmy Awards for television lighting design and has received 28 Emmy, Monitor and Ace awards and nominations. In 2012, Bill was inducted into the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, the only lighting designer to receive this honor.He is best known for his success in lighting television's most celebrated entertainment specials, award shows, and large-scale events. Click here to read more about this exceptional designer, who will share the insights, techniques, and highlights of his career.

6:30-7:30: Showcase and cocktail reception

Sunday, December 2

8:30am-9pm: Continental Breakfast
9:00-10:30am: Sitcoms: Don A. Morgan: Sitcoms are like mini movies except they use three or more cameras at once and it has to look great from all angles. A master of the genre talks about the techniques and philosophies that guide his designs.

10:45am-12:15pm: Talk Shows: Kim Killingsworth, Noah Mitz (Conan), Christian Hibbard (Jimmy Kimmel Live), Marisa Davis (Ellen): There is much more to lighting a talk show than meets the eye. Hear four designers that do it on a daily basis, talk about the challenges, tricks, and how they make it look great.

12:15-2:15pm: Lunch and Manufacturers Showcase
2:15-3:45pm: Reality Shows: Oscar Dominguez (The Bachelor) : Shows like The Bachelor or The Osbournes take place in someone's house, but there are ceilings and walls, unlike a movie set. It takes a lot of planning to make them look good from any angle and still not see the lights as the cameras swarm the four corners of the room. Oscar Dominguez and his team—Brandon Davis and Dennis Weiler— talk abouit how it's done.
4:00-5:30pm: Music Competition Programs: Kieran Healy, Joshua Hutchings, Matt McAdam: The biggest concerts aren't necessarily on the road. Shows like American Idol and The Voice wrangle hundreds of lights into an artful accompaniment to a full concert's worth of new material every night. How do they keep it fresh and what is the process?

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*Subject to change without notice

Special thanks to VER for the projection gear for the TVLMC sessions.