Frank McCullough participates as a faculty member of the first ever Scenic Design Master Classes next month.

Title of Session: It's All in the Details: The vital role of the associate.

What’s It All About: Being an associate scenic designer on Broadway...based on my experiences: how I got started, what an associate designer does, what I like about doing associate work, developing scenery for a new (and still developing) scripts/scores, working with designers to best develop and realize there vision, and more.

Most Recent Project: Associate scenic designer on Once, Book of Mormon, War Horse, The Addams Family.

First Big Break: Not sure, perhaps working as the associate designer on the Coast of Utopia trilogy at Lincoln Center Theatre, with Bob Crowley and Scott Pask. It was one of my first large projects. It solidified my desire to be an associate designer and established my reputation/ability to fill this role.

Influences: I am, of course, influenced by the incredible designers I work with, but I am also influenced by many of the other productions I see.
In addition, I enjoy travel and observing new cultures, architecture, people, and landscape. These experiences help to influence my work.

Favorite Design Of All Time: There are so many. The one that had the most initial impact on my decision to choose theatre as a career was The Secret Garden. I saw its national tour while still in high school in Indiana. Heidi Ettinger's lovely scenic design was the first professional stage production I had ever seen. I remember thinking as I watched the show that this was something wanted to be a part of.

What Do You Most Like To Do When Not Working: When I have a day or afternoon off (and I am in NYC) I enjoy walking in Central Park or along the Hudson River with my partner Brent. When we can make the time to get away we enjoy travel and visiting family.

Read more about the Scenic Design Master Classes.

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