When we made the decision to combine Lighting Dimensions, Entertainment Design, and SRO in to a new magazine called Live Design, we weren't sure what the industry response would be. Yes, we received positive feedback from our advisory board; yes, we were encouraged by the response we got from individuals in a one-on-one setting; and yes, we were utterly convinced it was the right move. But putting together a new magazine like this is a lot like designing a show: you have an idea, you create it, tweak it, and put it out there for the public to see, without ever fully knowing how they'll react until the house lights go down and the curtain goes up.

But after three issues, we're clearly on to something here. The response from you, the reader, has been overwhelmingly positive and more than a little humbling. You like the look, the size, and especially the content. You like that we offer a mix of tips, opinions, stories worth reading, and unique voices from the industry. We've received more letters in the last three months in support of what we're doing (all unsolicited, by the way) than I can remember receiving in entire years at the other magazines. You can see the latest sampling of feedback on page 11. And we'd like to say a big thanks to all of you who have called, written, or told us in person how much you appreciate what we're trying to do and also to all of the great advertisers who've supported us financially thus far.

But make no mistake — our work is not done. Not by any means. Just as a hit, long-running show still requires tweaking and fine-tuning to keep it fresh and exciting, we'll continue to look at improving what we do editorially and visually, giving you the kind of information you need and deserve in a trade magazine that covers an industry as creative as this. It's what you do in your line of work, and it's what we do, too.

To that end, I have a favor to ask. Continue to tell us what you like, but just as important, let us know what you don't like. Tell us when we screw up, and let us know what we can do better. You expect that kind of feedback from your director/producer/client; it's how you become a better designer. Well, we expect the same thing. Keep those cards and letters coming!