Yokohama, Japan's own Chinatown, saw the opening this winter of an original attraction, Yokohama Daiseka, a multi-story themed museum representing Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. Since opening, it has become one of the area's most popular attractions among tourists and locals alike.

Attracting over 20,000 visitors weekly, Yokohama Daisekai (“Daisekai” is Japanese for “big world”) consists of a variety of themed levels. The design incorporates dynamic visuals including intelligent lighting and video projection to shape unique atmospheres on various floors of the museum. Coupled with the museum's easy accessibility, the new themed concept has made the attraction quite popular.

Upon entering, visitors receive a ticket to “The Past World” and board an elevator that whisks them directly to the top floor. Here on the 8th floor, the tour starts in Old Shanghai, gradually descending through various worlds, where 26 MAC 250 Kryptons and three MAC 500 profile spots give life to the themed attraction.

“Tower of Time” and “Corridor of Time”

On the eighth floor is “Tower of Time,” a clock tower surrounded by a magnificent sky and thousands of stars. Here, four MAC 250 Kryptons work alongside image projectors to create the proper atmosphere for starting a trip through a nostalgic era.

Visitors then pass several rooms in the “Corridor of Time,” such as a library, a merchant family's living room, an artist's studio, and so on. Dancing along with the cool jazz tunes from an old gramophone are four additional MAC 250 Kryptons that help create the illusion as if they were one of the residents of this era.

“Stage of Time”

Moving down, the seventh and sixth floors are for entertainment. Old Shanghai jazz, a typical Chinese play, traditional Chinese music, and much more can be enjoyed here. Another nine MAC 250 Kryptons form an important part of the show.

“Gourmet Town and Market”

Visitors can taste real Chinese food in the “Gourmet Town and Market.” Four well-established Chinese restaurants and nine Japanese branches of popular Chinese restaurants are featured in an elegant food court area.

“Stairwell Park”

The building's main area is called “Stairwell Park,” where the theme turns to lighting. Every 45 minutes, three semi-transparent projection drops fall from the fourth floor, forming a triangle onto which visual images from nine MAC 250 Kryptons and three MAC 500s are projected. The gobo designs are unique and original for Yokohama Daisekai and perfectly match the atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy the show while having a Chinese meal, though some just stop eating and become completely absorbed in the dynamic show.

Music, lighting, and construction were provided by Q Works Corporation through Martin Japan, for Yokohama Daiseka with production by TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.