Vari-Lite Production Services has created a new organization, Vari-Lite Production Services Europe, headed by managing director Bert De Haes, to serve as a hub for all European offices and Series 300(TM) dealers.

De Haes was promoted to managing director after spending more than a year as general manager of European operations. Former managing director Brian Croft has been promoted to chairman of VLPS Europe and will concentrate on developing sales and corporate strategy, working directly with Vari-Lite International president and CEO Rusty Brutsche.

Under De Haes' direction, VLPS Europe will coordinate the efforts of the European network from its joint base in Europe and Brussels. Working under De Haes are the general managers of the regional VLPS offices: David March (VLPS London), Jan Van Malder (VLPS Brussels/EML and VLPS Amsterdam), Jan Lambrecht (VLPS Paris), Adrian Bell (VLPS Dubai), and Sonia Sward (VLPS Stockholm and VLPS Madrid). Contact information for all VLPS offices can be found at

This new structure, combined with the integration of Vari-Lite Europe with Theatre Projects/CPL into VLPS London and the sale of Brilliant Stages, has resulted in a streamlined London operation. Industry veteran Guy Forrester, who recently returned to the firm after spending eight yearsas a freelance lighting director and crew chief, will work with March to further unify the many London departments.