The United States Institute for Theatre Technology Inc. (USITT) is soliciting proposals for revisions to USITT DMX512/1990. Proposals must be received by 5pm EST, Wednesday, May 20. An Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the proposal form can be obtained by sending e-mail to and requesting it, or by accessing the USITT website (, clicking on "DMX512," then clicking on "Call for Comment" under the "Updating DMX512" section.

Copies of DMX512/1990 may be obtained from the USITT national office, or from PLASA in Europe. It is the intent of the subcommittee to update the standard and have it presented to ANSI to become an officially recognized standard.

The DMX512 subcommittee is in the process of transferring the maintenance of the standard to the ESTA Technical Committee's Control Protocols Working Group. This is because the ESTA Technical Standards Program is an ANSI-accredited standards committee, and as such develops US standards for the entertainment industry. All current members of the USITT DMX512 subcommittee are also active members of the ESTA Technical Standards Committee and/or the Control Protocols Working Group. All proposals will be assembled and organized, then turned over to the ESTA Control Protocols Working Group, which will act on these proposals to create a US standard.