A new MAC attack The Martin MAC 300 moving-head washlight, a compact version of the MAC 600, is designed to complement the Martin MAC 250 profile spot. Containing a 250W MSD lamp (2,000-hour life), the MAC 300 is also engineered for virtually silent operation, and features control via standard DMX and/or a Martin controller. The color wheel has six slots plus open, and includes CMY color-mixing. There is a fast shutter for quick strobe effects and full dimming capabilities, a variable frost filter, a CTC filter, and a range of movement of 540 degrees pan and 289 degrees tilt, with a beam angle of 25 degrees. Two different user-selectable pan/tilt speeds and changeable lenses allow for narrow and wide beam angles. Simplified rigging accessories include 1/4 turn fasteners, fasteners for vertical or horizontal permanent installation, and MAC 500/600 adapters. The MAC 300 is able to work with voltages from 100-250V. Martin Professional Hollywood, FL

Eye on HDTV Frezzi Energy Systems has developed new lighting kits and accessories specifically addressing the needs of digital video cameras. The customized Mini-Sun Gun Lighting Systems feature a choice of Mini-HMI or Mini-Fill lights, advanced battery chargers, and high-powered batteries with a choice of connectors. HMI technology was selected due to its smooth, wide, uniform beam, 4,000-hour rated life, and a 400% greater efficiency as compared to a quartz light. The 50, 24, and 18W HMI units deliver the equivalent light output of 200, 100, and 75W quartz daylight-corrected lamps respectively. The HMI units are also color-balanced at 5500K, providing daylight color temperature. Flipping down a filter converts the HMI light to a tungsten-balanced indoor light. New accessories include a Soft-Box to eliminate glare and provide the effect of a studio light; Diffusion/Gel Holder for conversion and additional diffusion; and a Two-Leaf Barndoor with Two-Gel Frame Holder allowing additional softening or temperature correction possibilities. Frezzi Energy Systems (division of Frezzolini Electronics Inc.) Hawthorne, NJ

A bounty of Bogen Bogen Cine continues to add new products and innovations to its line. A 4kW HMI (MSR) light source has been added to the Aurasoft 800 series. The 4,000W Aurasoft produces a special softness similar to indirect natural daylight, credited in part to its HMI source and a new reflector, comprised of tiny bubble mirrors that are injection molded, to reflect light in all directions, in an arc of about 120 degrees. Gitzo heavy-duty carbon fiber monopods and a mountaineer series of tripods have also been introduced. Manfrotto products distributed by Bogen include a new 501 Pro video head, stacker stands, and other tripods and accessories. The Avenger line has also expanded to include the new B150 Super-Strato-Safe crank stand for precise "rack and pinion" gearing to raise and lower heavy loads, without cables or pulleys. The B150 has a maximum extension height of 20'4" (6m), with an 85" (2.1m) footprint. Complete details, including news about a special rebate program for the purchase of Gossen Light Meters, are available from the company. Bogen Photo Corp. Ramsey, NJ

Docter in the house Docter Optics announces the availability of both standard precision optical components and special custom-designed products. Standard components include a spherical condenser and spherical singlet lenses, concave first surface mirrors, and heat absorbing mirrors of Pyrex, B270, F2, Duran KG1, and KG3 glass materials; and dichroic, dielectric, IR, metallic, and UV-coated parts and assemblies. Customized components include single- and multi-element lens assemblies, colored and/or heat-absorbing filters, different types of lenses, and focal lengths and reflectors of all kinds. Docter Optics Inc. Mesa, AZ

Baskettes for Easter and beyond Baskette AA-101 luminaires are available in pole- and wall-mounted styles, to provide even, glare-free pedestrian-level landscape lighting in a range of contemporary, spherical designs. A large acrylic half-dome lens with a solid top characterizes the design; the solid top contains the integrated ballast, while directing light downward to pedestrian areas. The clear, translucent half globes are available in black as well as custom finishes. All fixtures in the series are UL- and CUL-listed for outdoor wet location usage. Architectural Landscape Lighting Santa Ana, CA

Up, up, and away.... Illuminated balloons have been used for lighting concerts, festivals, trade shows, hotels, nighttime construction sites, and the movie Titanic. The French company Airstar, a manufacturer of halogen illuminated balloons, has developed the Crystal balloon for situations where conventional helium-filled balloons are not suitable. Crystal balloons are available in 3'-, 4'-, or 4.8'-diameter (0.9m, 1.2m, 1.4m) sizes (the same as helium types), with an integral internal fan to keep the balloons inflated with air. Available light sources are a 500, 1,000, or 2,000W halogen lamp or a 700 or 1,200W HMI lamp. The lamp is protected inside a wire cage. Crystal balloons are capable of withstanding winds up to 30mph (48km). The balloons are mounted on a stand and can be positioned at heights of 8-16' (2-5m). By using the balloon, soft, uniform lighting can cover an area of 1,000-22,000 sq. ft. (90-1,980 sq. m). Airstar America Los Angeles, CA

Here comes the sun The EN-R-PAK is a stand-alone AC/DC electrical power source engineered to convert renewable resources such as solar, wind, or water energy into reliable electrical power for applications where connection to an electrical source is difficult or expensive. It produces pure sine wave 120VAC and 12VDC, with a storage capacity of 100A hours (12V) of electricity. The 80lb power center uses a 50W photovoltaic panel for solar conversion that can also be converted with a 200W wind or water turbine. The solar power device has built-in overcharge protection features and optional expansion chassis and additional solar panels are available. The EN-R-PAK is temperature-stable for most climates and can operate in up to 6" (15cm) of water. The power panel provides two AC input sockets, one DC output socket, one AC input socket for recharging from electrical sources, and DC posts for attachment to accessories. 120/230VAC, 50/60Hz, and 12VDC models are available. National Solar Technologies Hamburg, NY

Ribbons of light Live Wire's heavier gauge electroluminescent cable, Live Wire Plus, is brighter, more rugged, thicker (3.2mm), and engineered for outdoor use. Flexible ribbons of light yield bright and even illumination along its entire length, for hundreds of feet, on one power supply, the firm says. Live Wire can be configured with battery-based power supplies or 120/220VAC at 50/60Hz. Live Wire Plus is available in red, green, blue, and yellow, with more colors being introduced later this year. Bulk lengths and custom assemblies can be ordered. Live Wire Enterprises Flushing, NY

Macs on the Horizon Previously available for Windows 95/98 users only, Horizon from Rosco/Entertainment Technology is now available for Macintosh. Horizon is a software-based lighting control system with a graphic user interface that utilizes the user-provided computer and specially built interface modules to provide and connect to the DMX universe. Rosco/ET now has three interfaces available. The original IPS-HZ-512 is designed to connect to the parallel port of IBM-compatible systems. The two new interfaces, the IPS-HZ-1024 and the IPS-HZ-PL1024, are "standard" ethernet devices allowing additional capabilities. The 1,024 interfaces each support two DMX universes, and the Horizon can support three interfaces, yielding six universes or 3,072 channels. The IPS-HZ-1024 operates similar to a standard ethernet device and connects to the Mac. Horizonsoftware can be downloaded free from the website, http://www.rosco-et.com. Horizon on a Mac requires Virtual PC (to allow Windows software to operate), Windows 98 software, and Horizon software. Operation of dimmers requires either the IPS-HZ-1024 or the IPS-HZ-PL1024 interface modules. The system described above is 100% compatible with newer Macs such as the G3. The HZ-PL1024 is a playback module allowing for the storage of the cues for later playback to be initiated by its internal time clock, by SMPTE/MIDI, or by up to 96 analog closures. Rosco/Entertainment Technology Portland, OR

Frosty the exit sign Frosty is an LED array designed to replace incandescent 20T61/2 bulbs and provide exceptional cost savings, zero maintenance, and a rated life of over 10 years, reports its manufacturer, ProLight. The 2.8W (120/277V) array consists of 26 super-bright red LEDs positioned in a wave-like configuration providing maximum light output and even distribution to illuminate the exit sign. The Frosty kit consists of two LED units and is available to replace the 20T61/2 bulb in candelabra, intermediate, and DC bayonet socket sizes, as well as with leads for direct mounting. The Frosty is certified and tested to UL924 standards; the NFPA Life Safety Code 101, 5-10.2.2; and is also ETL-listed. ProLight Holland, MI

A new Brightline Modularity and standard-sized components are the basis of the Brightline 1.2 and 1.4 fluorescent TV/film/video lighting system. The self-contained aluminum housing can fit two (1.2) or four (1.4) 55W, 3000K or 5000K, 10,000-hour rated fluorescent lamps. The enclosure is constructed of 14-gauge metal with an interior polished spectral finish. Non-dim or dimming electronic ballasts are available, with a Class A sound rating for both 120/230VAC at 50/60Hz systems, along with screens, gel frames, and intensifiers. The entire 1.2 or 1.4 unit can use the same three-position, heavy-duty yoke, allowing for interchangeability between the two- and four-lamp units. In addition, special double and triple racking systems and cyclorama frames permit flexibility by allowing the mixing of the 1.2 and 1.4 units and individual panning and tilting adjustment for optimal aiming and even illumination of the talent. Brightline Crescent, PA