Plugged in Marinco's Right Angle Adapters allow multiple-conductor heavy-gauge cords to be plugged into wall sockets without bending or damaging the power cords. Adapters protect the cable from being crushed by objects in front of the socket by keeping the cord parallel to the wall. The right angle adapter also rotates 360 degrees, providing optimum feed-through of the cord in relationship to the configuration of the plug and installed connector. The adapter, which can be used with many different 20 and 30A NEMA plugs and connectors, accommodates cords from .456" to 1.15". MARINCO Napa Valley, CA

Wrap it up Spirally Cut Cable Wrap from Heli-Tube neatly bundles and protects electrical wires and cables. The product, which ranges in size from 1/16" to 11/4", is available in clear, white, black, and other colors, and is also available with UV inhibitors or fire-resistant properties in nylon, polyethylene, and Teflon types. Spirally Cut Cable Wrap is easily applied by hand and requires no tools. HELI-TUBE Marblehead, MA

Blacktak is back City Theatrical's Blacktak-24 expands the Blacktak product family. This black aluminum foil "tape" is available in rolls measuring 2'x15' (60x450cm) and is coated with a 2" (5cm) strip of high-temperature adhesive. It can create shadows and mask light spill, among other theatrical and film applications. CITY THEATRICAL Bronx, NY

New exit This exit sign, illuminated by high-output LEDs, is expected to remain lit for up to 25 years, Chloride Systems says. A Symmetry Snap-Fit canopy plate allows for easy installation and battery replacement. The sign can be top-, bottom-, or back-to-wall-mounted, and is available in both black and white. CHLORIDE SYSTEMS Burgaw, NC

Follow the leader Great Performance Products' FS300 followspot draws less than 5A at 120W and includes well-positioned knobs, allowing for easier control and operation. The high-intensity ELH lamp provides superior light output and is easily accessed for efficient lamp changing. Weighing only 45lb (20kg), the FS300 followspot has a six boomerang-style color-changer with blackout capability. Specialized design and cooling of the lamp ensure reliable and long-lasting operation. GREAT PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Devil's own LyteQuest Pro's newest addition, Lil' Devil, is an economy 4.9mW laser that can run on four AA batteries and is also supplied with a DC adapter. The laser has two settings as well as a sound activation mode. When programmed manually, more than 100 adjustable patterns are accessible. The automatic is pre-programmed with 16 patterns. GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS Carteret, NJ

Presenting the Lumastars ExceLine's latest line, the Lumastar series of refractive luminaires, uses lightweight acrylic and computer-designed prisms in its glare-free lighting fixtures. Available in four shapes, the fixtures are interchangeable for a variety of lighting designs. Different lamp types are available, including incandescent up to 500W, compact fluorescent in 26, 32, and 42W, and HID up to 400W. With spacing ratios of up to 2.7, the Lumastar series averages 90% fixture efficiency and is UL/CUL-listed. EXCELINE Union, NJ

In the air Airflow Tolerant Circuitry by Novitas is a cost-efficient way to prevent false activation of occupancy sensor-controlled lighting, the firm says. This system, which uses only two control settings, eliminates the need for dual technology sensors. Particularly helpful in rooms with high airflow HVAC systems, Novitas' new product responds immediately when a person enters a room and can detect moderate amounts of occupant motion. A single post design allows easy installation requiring no bolts, screws, or ceiling cutouts. Additionally, a snap-out circuit board allows for easy replacement. Novitas' two models are guaranteed under a five-year warranty. Model 01-077 can be used in spaces up to 840 sq. ft. (76 sq. m), and 01-087 is effective in areas as large as 1,680 sq. ft. (151 sq. m). NOVITAS Culver City, CA

Tivoli on track Minitondo from Tivoli Industries is a low-voltage track and spotlighting system that is flexible and easy to install. Curved connectors and its compact size (track sections are 1" in diameter) make this product ideal for projects such as galleries, restaurants, and retail spaces where a low architectural profile is necessary. Available in white, black, and chrome finishes. Same-track interchangeable combinations of Minitondo lampheads allow for spotlighting and varied lighting displays. A variety of lampheads is available. TIVOLI INDUSTRIES Santa Ana, CA

Refining the VL7(TM) Vari-Lite has improved its VL7 spot luminaire, giving it a sleeker appearance since it was first introduced at LDI97. This is especially important since many projects that use VL7s are taped and/or televised. Besides the new CVF color system, which uses two dichroic-coated color plates to create smoother crossfades, a simpler mounting system including a mounting plate and truss hook has been incorporated. The VL7 weighs 27lb (12kg) and hangs on a 27"center. Other features include 8:1 zoom optics, quiet operation, and precision control of all parameters including pan, tilt, and intensity. VARI-LITE INC. Dallas, TX

DAT's right The Pangolin CADA-MOD plus DMX is an economically priced daughter board that modifies Alesis ADAT audio recorders to record and play back DMX512, along with standard stereo audio functions, SMPTE time code, and laser show signals. The CADA-MOD plus DMX installs inside the Alesis ADAT XT, XT-20, or LX-20 models, which can be done by Pangolin at its factory, or by electronic technicians. CADA-MOD plus DMX conforms to International Laser Display Association (ILDA) standards and received an ILDA Award for new technology at its recent conference, as well as a Brewster Award given by attendees at Canada's Laser F/X 98, held in May. PANGOLIN LASER SYSTEMS Orlando, FL

Full line of fluorescents Edison Price Lighting has launched a series of surface-mounted fluorescent downlights and wallwashers, in models and sizes to suit applications of all types. They are available with different lens configurations and are able to use a variety of compact fluorescent lamps in 9, 13, 18, or 26W models. Reflector assemblies for all models are available in natural aluminum and champagne gold, both with iridescent anodizing, as well as in pewter, bronze, and white enamel finishes. Models in different categories have different characteristics, such as shallow depth or precise optical control with low aperture brightness or wall-washing versions suitable for corridor lighting. EDISON PRICE LIGHTING New York, NY

Lee's hot products The Lee Heat Shield is designed for use between a light source and a color filter, to extend the life of gel, by absorbing the damaging part of the IR spectrum. It comes in 24"x21" (60x50cm) sheets and 48"x25' (120x750cm) rolls. Also available, newly developed color-matched 1/8"-thick (0.3cm) acrylic panels (4'x8', or 120x240cm) in seven technical colors: CTO, 1/2 CTO, 0.3ND, 0.6ND, 0.9ND, CTO + 0.3ND, and CTO + 0.6ND. LEE FILTERS Burbank, CA

Time's up AutoChron's new Wireless Wall Switch Timer is a completely wireless toggle switch timer that attaches over the existing installed toggle switch and switchplate, to provide timer on/off control of the load controlled by the toggle switch, from one to 12 hours. Powered by two AA batteries, the unit operates independent of AC power and has numerous easy-to-set timer functions and a manual override feature allowing usage between timed intervals. AUTOCHRON Louisville, KY