When Limite, one of the top popular bands in Mexico, played to a packed arena recently, projecting the show to the fans was important. That's why several Mexico-based touring companies, supported by Hermes Music of Pharr, TX, supplied a major sound reinforcement system consisting of more than 130 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, and Soundcraft consoles.

The concert, with more than 60,000 in attendance, was held at the El Foro Sol in Mexico City, the largest venue of its type, site of previous concerts by Madonna, U2, the Rolling Stones, and many others.

The system included loudspeaker arrays flown to each side of the main stage, with each array comprised of 36 EAW KF850 three-way concert loudspeakers. An additional 36 EAW SB1000e subwoofers were ground-stacked beneath each array.

In addition, four EAW FL103 compact, high-output, three-way loudspeakers were utilized positioned on the subwoofers, supplying front fill. A combination of EAW KF850s and SB850 subwoofers supplied fill to side areas not covered by the main arrays.

The EAW loudspeakers were driven by Crown Macro-Tech power amplifiers exclusively, including MA-3600Vs and MA-2400s on the KF850s. Each subwoofer had its own dedicated MA-3600VZ as well, while MA-2400s powered the FL103s.

The house console was a Soundcraft Vienna II offering 48 channels, manned by Mario Adame, mix engineer for Limite. The monitor console was a 40-channel Soundcraft SM Series, feeding a dozen EAW SM400 monitor wedges, again all Crown-powered. The show also featured a huge lighting system, including 400 Tomcat PAR-64s, 24 High End Systems Cyberlights(R), and numerous other fixtures.

"The dedication of the crew working the event, along with the top-quality equipment, ensured a successful production despite the fact that it rained constantly for three days prior to the show, only halting about 45 minutes before the concert," says Sebastian Corkidi of Hermes Music.