Since November 2002, the Dutch town of Kerkrade has become a meeting place for Dutch, Belgian, and German ravers. At over 4,000 sq. m (44,440 sq. ft.), the recently opened Vizion "dance temple" near the German-Belgian border offers a variety of attractions including a number of different bars and restaurants, a VIP lounge, and a studio for the local radio station. Open on Friday and Saturday nights, Vizion can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors.

The split-level layout of the complex ensures that even when the building is not entirely full, you never have the sense that it is deserted. Numerous internal galleries, like stork's nests, offer a bird's-eye view of what's going on below. These are designed to appeal to the voyeuristic nature of disco-goers; the stork's nests are places to see and be seen. A curtain of white light throws the watchers in the gallery into sharp relief.

The Vizion is conceived as an entertainment center going beyond the scope of a traditional dance club. On weekends the club employs a number of different DJs to cater to a wide variety of musical tastes. Rather than get tied down to one particular musical trend, the Vizion aims to appeal to a broad section of the public.

All the sound, lighting, video, and rigging equipment was supplied by ID-Q Media Concept of Maastricht. Stage equipment from ChainMaster of Eilenburg, Germany, includes 18 VarioLifts and six BGV C1 chain hoists each with a capacity of 250kg (550lb). This equipment is used for positioning the various truss rings.

For the lighting, ID-Q opted for Martin MAC 500s, Clay Paky Stage Zooms, Robe 250XTs and 150XTs, Martin Atomic strobes, and a variety of PARs all controlled by the new Maxxyz console from Martin, plus dimmers from Zero88. There is also a large-screen video system with a 4,000 ANSI lumen Sharp Beamer.