Audio-Technica AT899 Subminiature Mic
Intended for theatre, houses of worship, and video/TV production environments, the omnidirectional condenser AT899 is a mere 5mm in diameter, making it ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility. It operates on battery or phantom power and includes a complete accessory kit. The subminiature omni element is enclosed in a rugged, low-profile housing with internal construction designed to minimize noise from handling, clothing, and wind. The microphone plugs into the included AT8537 power module, which features battery/phantom power operation, low-frequency roll-off switch, and an integral XLR3M connector supplying a low-impedance balanced output. The extensive accessory kit includes single and double mounts, clothing clip, viper clip, magnetic clip, two open-pore foam windscreens, and two metal mesh element covers to protect the condenser element from moisture, makeup, and other contaminants. Wireless and unterminated versions of the microphone are available in black or theatre beige for use with Audio-Technica and other popular wireless systems.

Cadac S-Type Console
A small, compact mixer, Cadac's S-Type live production console is ideally suited to repertory theatres, corporate events, industrials, and PA rental. Scheduled to go into production in early 2003, this entry-level Cadac mixer features a top-end mic input, as used on the J-Type console, plus a full four-band parametric EQ with the ability to switch the EQ pre the insert point. The S-Type incorporates a fully balanced direct output with level control, eight switchable post- and pre-fade auxiliary sends — two of which are stereo — a custom-designed stereo input channel with line input, plus comprehensive metering. A typical 25-way frame comprises 16 mono inputs, eight × group outputs, aux outputs, matrix outputs, and DC master faders, plus osc/comms module. The S-Type also uses full size 100mm Penny & Giles faders.
Cadac Electronics

Clear-Com WBS-670 & WBS-680 Intercoms
Designed for live theatre and performance, these frequency-agile UHF intercoms can be added to a wired system or used to create a standalone wireless system. The single-channel WBS-670 supports up to four full-duplex wireless beltpacks with its 1-RU base station and a wireless beltpack that features a low-profile on/off/volume control and a momentary/latching talk button. The integral LCD window shows channel and frequency information, and allows the programming of beltpack channels and functions. The simple base-station front panel with its backlit LCD screen gives total control over frequency and beltpack selection, as well as control over the input and output level to an attached party line or digital matrix intercom and an auxiliary in and out. You can connect a headphone to the front panel to communicate with the wireless beltpacks and the connected wired intercom system.

The WBS-680 two-channel wireless supports up to four full-duplex wireless beltpacks per base station. The system can connect the beltpacks, via the base station, to two channels of wired intercom — party line, digital matrix, or one of each. The beltpack front panel provides a channel A/B selector button, allowing the user to talk and listen to either wired intercom channel A (plus the other wireless beltpack users on that channel) or wired intercom channel B. A “wireless talk around” button places the user's voice on the wireless-only bus, unheard by those on the wired intercoms. In addition, the beltpack has a “stage announce” button, which when activated places the user's voice off the intercom line and onto a line-level output with associated relay on the base station — for paging and announcements. LCD programming window controls frequencies and button functions.

Digico D5 Live System
The D5 Live system is a live music mixing system comprised of the D5 Live console itself, a front-of-house Digirack containing A/D converters and I/Os, a matching stage Digirack and 100m of fiber-optic cable. This setup does away with the need for a multicore, splitters, line drivers, dynamics processors, and — optionally — an entire effects rack too. The D5 Live can even record live to multitrack with a single, simple MIDI cable and a hard disk multitrack recorder. The four LCD touchscreens present their feature sets exactly as an engineer would expect to find them on an advanced analog console, with instant access and no menus to navigate. This intuitive approach means that, despite digital dynamics, an optional effects package, total recall of every function, a 38 × 8 output matrix, up to 96 input channels, and 40 multi-configurable internal buses, the learning curve should be short. The D5 Live software provides flexibility in configuring the console precisely to suit the show. In both 56- or 96-input versions, the 40 internal buses can be set up as mono or stereo auxiliaries and mono or stereo surround buses (the console is fully 5.1-ready as well as for L/C/R, with three joystick surround-sound panners for instant sound placement). The engineer can also instantly select a basic setup for either front-of-house or monitor mixing.

Equi=Tech ET12.5WQ Balanced Power System
The ET12.5WQ represents Equi=Tech's largest product in the wall cabinet system category. Featuring a 10-circuit capacity and a 125A main switch, the 12.5WQ can meet the power requirements of large PA systems in theatres and auditoriums of up to 1,000 seats. The new system features the company's “Q” transformer technology for playback and live performance amplification, designed to provide tighter and better-defined bass response. It also employs magnetic and double Faraday shielding for maximum isolation and noise attenuation from the outside. Additional EMI/RFI filtering is an option that can be specified for some digital equipment. The 12.5WQ can also be used in parallel with other balanced power systems for larger applications.

Innova SON Compact Sy40
The newest live digital mixing console from Innova SON boasts 40 input channels and 27 mix buses. Housed in the same chassis as the Compact Live and Actor, the Sy 40 offers more mixing capabilities and enhanced functionalities for the same number of faders: 32 (including eight stereo) for the 40 input channels, 12 stereo for the mix buses, three for the LRM/C masters, and one fader for automation control. The modular nature of the system allows the user to insert any of the electronic I/O modules, which are compatible with any console of the Innova SON range, and to choose, depending on the needs of each specific event, the precise physical I/O configuration. Any owner of a Compact 32/12 (Live and Actor series) will be able to upgrade painlessly, thanks to the COMPACT Sy 40 kit. Insert the new DSP engine and the upgraded software version of Sensoft and even a vintage Compact will have the performance of the latest model.
Innova SON

Martin Audio ViewPoint Software
ViewPoint is a Windows-based program developed by Martin Audio to enable users of its W8L speakers to quickly configure their system to suit a particular venue. ViewPoint has three screens and a Help function: Venue Screen shows the array in the venue for design and editing; Array Screen shows the array rigging in detail from the side; and Patch Screen shows how the array is zoned and the controller set up. When using ViewPoint the first step is to enter the venue dimensions, vertical coverage start/stop points, trim height, and number of cabinets. By clicking on the “design array” button, ViewPoint will then automatically calculate the optimum array configuration, including the overall tilt of the array and the splay angles between each cabinet. The array can then be manually edited or “nudged” if required. Once an array design has been completed the array/venue/patch configuration can be printed out and saved to disk.
Martin Audio Ltd.

Sound Associates PMM-20 Personal Monitor System
Designed for a variety of uses, from orchestra pit mixes to in-ear monitors to wireless receiver monitor systems, the PMM-20 is a programmable and expandable little box with an easy-to-read color screen and touchscreen control. Features include balanced or unbalanced mic/line inputs, balanced line level and headphone outputs, 20 user-controlled channels form up to 64 input sources, and equalization for personal listening. Once you select a channel it changes color and is identified at the top of the screen; you can open the screen display either by touch from the logo screen or from the main button located below the screen. The PMM-20 has a solo feature that allows for a second virtual mix and full volume display so that channel volume can be changed without changing screens.
Sound Associates

Yamaha DM1000 Digital Console
Yamaha has unveiled yet another digital console that was initially designed for the film and TV world but which could be an attractive option for theatre and live performance.

The new DM1000 digital production console is a direct sibling of the flagship DM2000, in a very compact rack mountable body of 22.7" x 7.8" x 16.9" and only 42lbs. It shares key features such as 96kHz audio, surround monitoring, studio manager, and DAW control with the DM2000 and 02R96, and is also rackmountable.

The three consoles DM2000, 02R96, and DM1000 are compatible with each other, with mix data interchangeable using bundled Studio Manager software. Unlike conventional equipment that operates in 96kHz mode only with a reduced number of channels, this Yamaha delivers the full number of channels at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. Full 96kHz resolution with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators is the standard for the unit, which also sports 48 channels of transparent 24-bit/96kHz audio, plus 96kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing. And you can use as many as four individual effect processors simultaneously.
Yamaha Corporation of America
Commercial Audio Systems Division


ADB Axis Ellipsoidal
The Axis from ADB is another product that has a lot of buzz. It is a revolutionarily designed ellipsoidal spotlight that raises the bar for function in a theatrical fixture. The fixture has no shutter handles, rather a series of rings to manipulate the shutters, each in its own plane, which can be rotated 360° each to get any shutter cut you desire. The drop-in iris and gobo slot lock into place and have rings that move them through 360° as well. There are two zoom versions, each with rings to drive the lenses for focusing. Also available is an automated version with an automated yoke that automates all of the shutter and focus mechanics as well. I think that given further development, the Axis could give the ETC Source Four a run for the money.
ADB-TTV Technologies

Apollo Design Technology PerfGel
Last year Lee Filters gave us the Quick Roll; this year Apollo ups the stakes with another plastic color innovation — perforations! Who knew that we would have all of these ways to make a technician's life easier? PerfGel is 20" x 24" color filter sheets with easy-to-tear perforations that offer time and labor savings before and during load in. You can choose from any of 113 total Apollo colors, which are available in 20" x 24" sheets. Gel sheets are perforated in 6.25", 7.5", and 10" squares. Order by noon, and they will ship the same day; order after 12pm, they will ship the following day.
Apollo Design Technology

Birket Engineering Strobe-Brik
Birket Engineering's new Strobe-Brik multi-flash light controller is an efficient solution to your multi-strobe requirements. Strobe-Brik packs the electronics for eight, 16, or 32 strobe lights into one slim package that drives remote strobe bulbs. The multichannel controller saves space, speeds installation, and simplifies maintenance. It's ideal for when you want many strobes with minimal effort and expense. Strobe-Brik is designed for safety as well as utility. The controller constantly monitors every circuit for wiring and bulb problems. If the controller detects an unsafe short or ground fault, it shuts down the affected channel to avoid shocks. LED indicators show the status of each channel to make it easy to find and replace exhausted bulbs. Protective circuits guard the controller from power spikes and miswired cables.
Birket Engineering

Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus SV
Clay Paky introduces the Stage Profile Plus SV, with its patented profile system composed of four blades that move separately to produce varying effects, can be rotated through 90°, and at variable speeds. “SV” stands for Silent Version, and it also comes with an exclusive half-power/half-noise feature, controlled from the console, which allows you to reduce the noise by half. It uses a 1,200W lamp, 16° - 24° zoom lens with linear movement, two combinable rotating gobo wheels for morphing effects with variable speed rotation, linear variation frost, an effects disk with three prisms and a light frost, CMY color mixing, adjustable speed iris, and a 0-100% mechanical dimmer.
Clay Paky

Design & Drafting LD Assistant Ac
Based upon Autodesk's industry-standard AutoCAD® platform, LD Assistant Ac allows designers to interface with the real world of architecture as well as providing the designer with all of the tools necessary to get the job done, allowing you to map textures, create lighting and atmospheric effects, shadows, realistic gobo projections, etc. It is easy to quickly create comprehensive light and sound plots as well as deal with all of the supporting paperwork. You can render subtle effects like reflections, transparencies, and color bleeding and be able to show light cones in either 3D wire frame or as a translucent cone of light. You have powerful animation tools for presentations as well as an extensive library of 2D and 3D blocks, including fixtures, truss, lifts, consoles, and more as well as having access to the Autodesk iDrop technology, where you can drag and drop premade blocks with all of the attributes attached from the Internet.
Design & Drafting

Dove Lighting Systems MTX-DE8 DMX to Analog Interface
Dove introduces the MTX-DE8, which decodes signals from DMX control consoles to analog dimmers and fluorescent lighting fixtures whose ballasts accept 0 to +10VDC dimming control. The decoder hangs in the grid, next to the fixtures it controls, and each fixture plugs into one of the eight BNC connectors on the side of the interface. Up to 64 decoders may be chained together for systems of up to 512 fixtures. A thumbwheel switch on the front panel selects the starting channel, and an LED indicates presence of the DMX signal. Analog outputs are also accessible on an internal terminal strip for wiring to other types of connectors.
Dove Lighting Systems

Doug Fleenor Design BiDi 8 Bi-Directional Hub
The DMX Hub offers isolation and signal buffering for bi-directional communication on a single pair of wires using pins two and three of a traditional DMX512 data link. The hub differs from an opto-splitter in that any of the eight ports can receive data, with the seven remaining ports re-transmitting that data. Each of the eight ports offers fully bi-directional optical isolation and transient protection to 15,000V. The DMX hub is protocol independent, supporting equipment from manufacturers including High End Systems and Martin Professional. Other features include a universal power supply, full bi-directional optical isolation, gold-plated connectors (Neutrik), and a rugged tabletop, truss, or rackmountable enclosure.
Doug Fleenor Design

Lighting & Electronics Black Widow Blacklight
The Black Widow is designed for applications requiring a wash of ultraviolet light for special effects. Engineered for use with a unique 150W metal halide lamp, this luminaire offers a high intensity ultraviolet discharge extending up to a range of 50'. The fixture features a compact design utilizing a lightweight aluminum housing that incorporates an integral electronic ballast and a specially designed patterned reflector. The unit also includes an ultraviolet radiation filter that blocks out harmful ultraviolet radiation. A safety cutoff switch is provided that disconnects electrical power to the unit when the filter is removed. The unit is supplied with a yoke and a 3' three-wire lead. Optional trunnions and mounting clamps are available.
Lighting & Electronics

Marumo J-Rayer Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight
The Marumo J-Rayer ellipsoidal is the next generation of the company's popular Rikuri unit. The fixture features higher illuminance, easy lens maintenance, and the use of advanced magnesium materials. Three new zoom models have been added to the four conventional fixed-focus versions and a 150W CDM lamp model has been added to complement the 750W halogen lamp range. There is compatibility between lens units and light sources. For example, a fixed-focus type can be replaced with a zoom type and a CDM lamp house can be substituted for a halogen lamp house. You can change the fixture by loosening just one bolt. The J-Rayer lens tube uses rugged lightweight magnesium alloy for better balance of the luminaire. And although it is a multi-lens ellipsoidal, it is the same weight as a single-lens profile spotlight.
Marumo Electric Co. Ltd.

Morpheus Lights PanaBeam XR2
The PanaBeam XR2 is a 1,200W washlight from Morpheus, which features a combination of beam modification and motion control capabilities. A high-performance drive system for fast pan, tilt, color, and beam modification, with a unique commutator technology for continuous and unlimited pan. There is extended tilt capacity — 630° through the yoke and a proprietary optical system for maximum brightness at all beam sizes. The beam shaper has anamorphic elements that allow stretching the beam in one axis, which can then be indexed or rotated continuously through 360°. Two-stage effects system with four effects elements per stage can be used individually or in combination, allowing you to shape the beam to your needs.
Morpheus Lights

Philips ST250HR Lamp
A color temperature of 3200K and CRI better than 90 make Philips' latest addition to its Broadway range the world's first discharge lamp to match halogen light characteristics, while providing outstanding opportunities for energy and cost savings over halogen. Rated at 250W, the new Ceramic ST250HR employs Philips latest pioneering ceramic technology, C3, to achieve the same performance as a 1,000W halogen lamp, but with four times less power consumption. It also generates four times less heat and — with a 2,000-hour average rated life — lasts four times longer. Usable in any burning position, the new lamp's combination C3 technology, an electronic power supply, and specially designed igniter, makes hot restrikes possible in all circumstances. In addition, C3 technology ensures a small spread in color temperature, both initially and throughout lamp operation, for consistent performance.
Philips Lighting

Avolites D4 Elite Console
Avolites launches the latest console in its Diamond 4 Series, the D4 Elite. The console is streamlined to offer the maximum power and functionality in the minimum physical space, recognizing the ever-growing need in all applications to use FOH and control spaces expediently. The D4 Elite offers all the features of the full-sized Diamond 4, in a smaller chassis with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures via Legend Cells (re-assignable preset playbacks.) Avolites wanted to offer a physically smaller console in the range that still had the flexibility and versatility for which its products are renowned. Naturally, the D4 Elite also retains the hands-on intuitive feel that has made Avolites desks the most popular “live” operation consoles worldwide.
Avolites Ltd.

Martin Professional Maxxyz Console
Maxxyz is Martin's new console and the company claims it to be the most advanced stage lighting console on the market today thanks to a string of features and intuitive characteristics such as customizable LCD buttons for tailored programming, a built-in 3D Visualizer with real-time Preview mode, full multimedia capability, and more. Martin certainly wins an award for stealth, after having developed this console under cover and in a very quick timeframe. A number of industry people got a sneak preview of the console last spring; the company made a number of changes over the summer, then officially launched this console to a good reception at PLASA in London and then it made quite the splash at LDI. Features include: fast processing power, direct fixture access, a powerful effects generator, USB, motorized faders, quality touchscreens, along with SMPTE/VITC/LANC/MIDI time coding. Maxxyz is one of the first to incorporate digital LCD buttons designed for tailored, flexible programming. This lets you group functions and customize your layout to enhance ease of navigation and fast recognition. A key element is its built-in 3D visualizer, fully integrated into the console software. Inside the console are two 1.2GHz Pentium III processors, two complete computer systems that run in tandem and operate as one large, integrated system. If one CPU fails, the other will act as backup to preserve the core functions of the console during a show.
Martin Professional

Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III
The long awaited Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III looks about ready for its debut. It has been stuck in development hell, but it is out now with programmers, who are giving the company much-needed feedback. The platform seems stable and Hog loyalists will be well rewarded for their patience. It is very similar in layout and syntax to the Wholehog II, but with significant improvements to the operating system, and sophisticated new features. The huge user base that is familiar with Wholehog II will soon feel right at home with the Wholehog III, leaving time to concentrate on exploring the console's advanced new features. One of the coolest is the automated fixture abstraction model that allows users to address different types and brands of automated fixtures in a common language, and the fixtures will respond in a common manner — all of the colors blend the same way, all of the patterns rotate at the same speed. Not only does this speed up programming, but it also allows for “fixture portability,” or the ability to program your show on Monday using a wash fixture from Manufacturer A, and then swap it out on Tuesday for a wash fixture from manufacturer B, without having to reprogram the show.
Flying Pig Systems
High End Systems

Vari*Lite VL3000
Vari-Lite introduces the Series 3000, a new line of 1,200W luminaires. The line includes the VL3000 spot and the VL3000 wash. The spot features an output that exceeds 20,000 lumens. The wash features an output of 35,000 lumens, and the wash unit features the same beam-spreader technology found in the VL2000 wash (formerly the VL2402 wash) luminaire. Both luminaires feature CYM color mixing, a separate fixed color wheel, variable CTO, and dimmer and strobe mechanisms. The spot has a beam-size iris, two rotating gobo wheels, and a rotating effects wheel. The unit also has a zoom range of 6:1. The packaging of the VL3000 fixtures are identical, providing a consistent hang configuration and look no matter which luminaire type is required. Also, the VL2000 spot was formerly the VL2202 spot.
Vari-Lite Inc.


Pani E-Slide
Pani Projection and Lighting introduces the e-slide, an accessory that enables users to project any signal coming from a computer, DVD, or video signal, thus transforming a traditional Pani slide projector into a video projection device. This unit can be adapted to all projectors up to the BP6GT and fits like a standard slide carrier, so that a quick change from conventional slides to computer imagery can be achieved. Compared to standard video projection, the e-slide is easy to focus, straightforward to use, highly tolerant of changes in ambient temperature, and is more economical to dedicated video projectors. The unit allows for creation of effects and is ideal for multimedia applications, advertising, as well as fulfilling the requirements of current state-of-the art technology for the theatre.
Pani Projection and Lighting