Chris Steinwand has resigned his position as director of marketing with Alcorn McBride to establish STONEjam Consulting as a marketing and public relations firm that will serve manufacturers and distributors in the pro audio, video, and lighting industries.

Alcorn McBride Inc. will retain Steinwand as its marketing and PR consultant. Steve Alcorn, owner of Alcorn McBride, comments, “This is a positive move for both of us. We are one of the many smaller companies in the industry with highly specialized products that fit into niche markets. We also have a limited marketing budget, so we need a very targeted marketing approach. Chris is a very knowledgeable and capable person. His abilities expand beyond our needs. With this arrangement, we can take full advantage of Chris's expertise and experience in the areas that are applicable to our specific needs. We will continue to use his services and we give him our full endorsement.”

Steinwand has also signed Dove Net Technologies and Atlantic Pro Audio as clients. Dove Net Technologies is a software company founded by Tony Nasca. Atlantic Pro Audio is a distributor of pro A/V and lighting products and exclusive US distributor of Alphaton audio test equipment and Eurocable wire and cable products. Founded by Craig Beyrooti, the company also offers system integration services.

Steinwand comments, “I am really excited to be working with these companies. They all offer excellent products and services, and they're great people to work with. In starting this consulting firm, not only am I able to diversify my own activities, but I am very fortunate to be working with some great people in the areas where I can be most effective.”