Rosco's I-Cue Intelligent Mirror is an attachment that mounts on the front of ellipsoidals, such as the ETC Source Four, the Strand SL series, Selecon luminaires, and the Altman Shakespeare for providing an easily adjustable "moving light." Totally compatible with color scrollers and gobo rotators, the I-Cue can interface with scroller power supplies from AC Lighting, Christie Lights, and Wybron. In addition, it can be daisy-chained with scrollers or draw power from its own 24VDC power supplies. DMX512 control (user-selectable addressing) is used and groups can be synchronized for effects and consistency of movement. The I-Cue uses a first-surface mirror 6" x 7" and has a pan range of 230ø and a tilt range of 57.3ø, with a weight of 3lbs. Gobos and gel can still be used, as is customary with stationary ellipsoidals. Rosco Laboratories Stanford, CT