Williamstown Theatre Festival scored the coup of the summer theatre season with a revival of As You Like It, directed by Barry Edelstein, starring Gwyneth Paltrow as the witty Rosalind. Costume designer Anita Yavich discusses her work on the production:

"We looked at the early 20th century, then mixed and matched a number of looks from different worlds. For the early court scenes, I wanted Rosalind [Paltrow] and Celia in grand ball gowns sweeping through the room full of severe and formal men--Duke Frederic and his court. I also wanted the women in tight strapless bodices, which draws the focus on the only exposed parts of their bodies--their long arms, necks, and faces--that there are two sensual beings sort of trapped in their ball gowns trying to get out. And when we next see Rosalind, dressed as a boy, it really works, in contrast to the grandeur of the previous scenes. Mark-Linn Baker plays Touchstone in a Zoot suit of many colors; later, he wears one made of camouflage. The shepherds in the play [led by Lea DeLaria as Audrey] have costumes made of Mongolian lamb's wool and suede; it looks like they made their clothes using products from their sheep.

"We worked on the costumes until 1:30 in the morning most nights, sometimes till 4:00. Williamstown has an amazing draper, John Kristiansen, who is also the shop manager; he really runs the whole thing. Still, it's so beautiful there, it was like a vacation, even though I would look out and think, I can't believe I'm inside, working so hard!"