The avab-Solaris range of lighting consoles, developed in collaboration between the transtechnik group and its Austrian distributor LDDE, has been developed in a modular format to handle various lighting control tasks. The individual modules are named after planets in the solar system: Venus is the dual crossfade module with crossfade sliders, which automatically return to their original position; Mercury is the command-entry module incorporating channel selection; Saturn is the moving light controller with integrated trackball and six supplementary digital wheels; Uranus is the tenfold master module with motorized 100mm faders; and rounding off the range is Jupiter, the fader module, with 22 manual faders. Each module can be used independently; the APN (avab peripheral network) interface also makes it possible to add one or more avab-Solaris modules to existing avab-VLC systems. Every module is equipped with an integrated touch-screen used primarily for entering commands. In addition, each has its own tilting display, which shows in graphical form the values and statuses relevant to a particular module at a particular time, regardless of what is displayed on the screens of the avab-VLC-Safari software.

AVAB, Stockholm, Sweden