Featured Product: A Change Of Atmosphere Celebrating its 20th anniversary, MDG has redesigned its venerable Atmosphere(R) haze generator with an all-modular system construction and the Automatic Purging System (APS)(TM). The APS purges the heating module after the first heating cycle and after every emission cycle thereafter of fog or haze to prevent residual buildup or clogging. APS is used by MDG in its MAX series of atmospheric effects machines as well. The Atmosphere haze generator uses the MDG Neutral Fluid, an oil-based fluid, which is heated to a precise temperature and infused with CO2 gas to exponentially reduce particle size. This method produces a nonstop haze, with a long "hang" time, while reducing fluid consumption and remaining residue, which can create a slick residual buildup on lighting and other equipment. The Atmosphere produces a fog color that is pure white, and with a full tank of fluid, it can operate continuously for 45 hours. Power requirements are 115 or 230VAC and the Atmosphere consumes 800W and is CE-approved with CSA and UL listings pending. Atmosphere is available in two versions, ATM-S stationary, or ATM-SP semi-portable. The fog generator can be operated with its control panel remotely at a distance of up to 300'. MDG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Patend Zone The American DJ Supply Patend Light is a DMX-compatible rotating head effects lighting instrument designed to be a centerpiece by itself or combined with other equipment for a wide variety of special lighting effects. Two models are offered, both weighing 70lbs and operating on 220V, with DMX addressing, usage meters, and a test mode. Both models have four rotating fixed gobos, plus two interchangeable gobos, along with nine dichroic colors and split-color capabilities. Separate wheels are provided for gobos and colors, allowing for a total flexibility and creativity in designing color/pattern effects. The Patend Light model 575 utilizes a 575W, 750-hour ZB-HMI 575 lamp. The Patend Light 1200 features a 1,200W, 750-hour ZB-HMI 1,200 lamp and three extra color filters and additional fixed and rotating prisms for even more effects in larger venues. American DJ Supply, Los Angeles, CA

Cinema Paradiso THX(R) installations will be easier with the EAW CR82 Co-Axial Cinema Surround Speaker, which features a design that places the woofer and high-frequency horn in exact alignment for virtually zero coloration at the crossover. The CR82 includes a 12" woofer and a 1" exit compression driver coaxially mounted within the same speaker. The components are housed in a slanted baffle, and angled down 15 degrees, allowing for flush mounting to walls. At 100dB sensitivity and with 300W AES standard power handling, the CR82 provides greater output than other surround speakers its size, while using less amplifier power. Multiple mounting points are included for precise installation at optimum hanging points. EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works), Whitinsville, MA

Vinyl Solution Abek Plastic Fabrics is manufacturing two types of medium-gauge white vinyl fabric, suitable for tablecloths and general use as a drop material or as a lightweight projection screen surface. Two types of plastic fabrics are offered: both are fire-retardant in 30"/36" widths and in 150/200-yard rolls, with custom sizes also available. A stiffer, heavier-duty embossed style is also manufactured, with an average of 4.5-gauge vinyl. The smooth version vinyl fabric averages 4 gauge, is smooth on both sides, and has a slight sheen. Both types of plastic fabrics are economically priced, at 23 cents/yard, up to 50 rolls. Abek Plastic Fabrics, Brooklyn, NY

Taking A Stand The Music Industries Corp. Optimum(R) line of studio stands and furniture consists of strong, durable, functional, and highly stylized stands for mixing consoles, monitors, and rackmounted equipment. The OR Series modular rack system features 10RU and 20RU (rack units) with optional casters, a unique wire management system, and frosted-glass top shelves. The OS Series near-field speaker stand is available in 36" and 42" height versions. The OM Series mixing console stand system is designed to hold virtually any model mixing console up to 90" wide, at a 27.5" desk height. The OM Series mixing console stand is available in five widths: 25", 34", 44", 55", and 62" wide, and is designed to hold virtually any console up to 90" wide. The end frames of the OM-100 mixing console stand measure 27.5" x 33", allowing the user to operate the console at a seated 27.5" desk height or at a comfortable podium height of 33" for standing applications. Music Industries, Floral Park, NY

Wood Makes It Good Outwater Plastics Industries' line of carved and embossed wood moldings are manufactured from hardwood and suitable for staining or painting. Over 45 different design profiles are offered, and these trims can be used as decorative accents on doors, cabinets, walls, ceilings, and set pieces. The wood moldings are finished in different widths and in thicknesses of 3', 4', 6', and 8' lengths, depending on the profile chosen. Color pictures of the design profiles are shown on the company website, http://www.outwater.com Outwater Plastics Industries, Wood-Ridge, NJ

Rack And Roll New rackmounting accessories from BGW include steel relay racks, center weight trays, rear support brackets, cable management panels, and rackmount trays. All of the accessories provide added flexibility to a complete line of accessories that include sliding shelves, stage boxes, rack rails, drawers, rackmount trays, blank panels, and pre-punched custom panels. The basic steel relay racks are constructed of 12 GA CRS uprights with threaded holes of 10-32, black finish, and different heights of approximately 47", 72", and84". BGW, Hawthorne, CA

Shell Of An Idea The Wenger Legacy(R) Acoustical Shell is designed to be portable, easy to set up, and to provide superior acoustics, thereby helping musicians hear all members of an ensemble. By performing in the acoustical shell, a musical or vocal ensemble can project a balanced, true sound to the audience in a wide range of locations that can include a cafeteria, gym, commons, or auditorium. Constructed from steel and aluminum frame with lightweight composite panels and utilizing heavy-duty, swivel-type casters, Legacy is designed for stable rolling and easy maneuvering within typical institutional environments, such as schools, religious institutions and community centers. The Legacy acoustical shell offers one-person setup, turn handle-type adjustable canopy angle, and tower height, thereby accommodating ensembles of different sizes and types. Wenger, Owatonna, MN

Wired For Sound New cable designs from Gepco allow for greater flexibility, code compliance, and greater quality in digital audio signals, while offering low-loss features. The 5524EZ--replacing an earlier version, the 5524--offers a 110ohm AES/EBU single-pair cable featuring two stranded copper 24-gauge (7 x 32) conductors and a foam dielectric with the lowest available transmission loss of its type, according to the manufacturer. Cable type 5524EZ is suitable for extended cable runs "of up to and beyond 650'," according to the manufacturer. The cable is completely shielded by a bonded 100% aluminum/polyester tape with a 24-gauge drain wire. Cable type 5524EZ is constructed of an easy-to-strip gray PVC compound and is UL-listed type CM. Cable type 5524TS is a plenum-rated digital audio, single-pair version that is FEP-insulated; it is manufactured with a white plenum PVC jacket that is UL-listed, NEC-type CMP, while providing flexible bending and easy-to-strip characteristics. Gepco cable type 552608GFC is a thin profile, flexible, eight-pair digital AES/EBU snake cable with a UL-listed, NEC-type, CM-rated jacket. The individual color-coded pair jackets follow the standard base-10 resistor color code and feature 26-gauge (7 x 34) stranded copper conductors, a foam PE dielectric, and a foil shield with a 26-gauge drain wire. Gepco, Chicago, IL

We Have Liftoff The Tubeworks ConfettiStorm is a continuous confetti launching system for indoor and outdoor venues, such as arenas and stadiums. ConfettiStorm uses a 200+mph air stream to deliver a saturating flurry of confetti over a 2,500-sq.-ft. area, at a 25' elevation. Other features include a confetti capacity of 38 gallons of "fluffed" confetti using an external reservoir. The built-in reservoir holds five gallons of confetti. The spray distance is 50' indoors and the disbursement rate is .33lbs/min. The ConfettiStorm operates on 120VAC at 12A and has attachment brackets for overhead mounting to truss or for placement on a flat surface. Optional accessories include a DMX control unit, a 38-gallon external reservoir, hoses, 220/120 adapters, confetti, and theatrical snow. TubeWorks, Inc., Calabasas, CA

Balance Of Power Furman Sound has expanded its line of balanced AC power isolation transformers to include new models, IT-1210 (10A) and the IT-1230 (30A) transformers. Similar to the 20A IT-1220, these specially designed power conditioners provide balanced AC power in a manner similar to the concept of balanced audio. All three models utilize a specially wound and shielded toroidal isolation transformer with a center-tapped secondary to provide "clean" and safe power. As a result, the AC power is balanced at the source, with two 60V lines of opposite polarity--referenced to the safety ground connected to the center tap, as compared to the conventional "hot" (120V) and "neutral" (0V). All three units are rackmountable, with conventional straight-blade (Edison) receptacles providing power to the user's equipment. Furman Sound, Petaluma, CA

Amps With Ummph The new TOA Electronics IP Series dual-channel power amplifiers are feature-laden lightweight units, housed in small enclosures,with a five-year, "no-questions asked" warranty. Three models are available--the IP-300D, IP-450D, and IP-600D--which deliver 300, 450, and 600W per channel respectively, when wired for a 4ohm load. Users can choose from three operational modes--stereo, bridged, or parallel--which are selectable via a rear panel switch. The optional power amplifier interface unit allows remote volume control and monitoring of the amplifier's input and output levels by external equipment. Front-panel LEDs providing status indicators for signal presence, peak, protect, and attenuator bypass are included. The forced-air cooling system, with a variable fan, automatically monitors heat sink temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. Air filter elements are accessed from the front panel for easy maintenance. TOA Electronics, South San Francisco, CA

Pocketful Of Fog Theatre Effects is distributing the new FG90 Tiny Fogger, a compact, lightweight, powerful, and battery-operated fog generator capable of adding atmospheric effects to costumes, props, puppets, and scenery. The continuous output fogger is microprocessor-controlled, has programmable fogging time parameters, and requires less than one second of warmup time for proper operation. The dimensions of the Tiny Fogger are 1-3/8"(w) x 2"(h) x 4"(d), weighing 10oz, with a 12V battery weighing 1lb, 7oz. The fluid bottle has a capacity of 1.5oz. and that provides a 10-minute stream of fog. Power requirements are a mere 70W. Optional wireless remote is available. Theatre Effects, Hagerstown, MD

Control The Show The Strand 510l rackmounted lighting controller is designed to provide one sophisticated system for all show control environments with advanced motion control and expandable capacity to meet large show requirements. The system is available with outputs to control up to 6,000 control channels and up to 8,192 DMX devices, plus a variety of RS232/ASCII remote-control devices. In addition, the show control system can track up to 200 simultaneous fades, 30 effects playbacks. and provide full random access to cues. Any Strand 500 series console may be linked to the 510l show control system for creation of cues and the total program. Other features include total control of automated luminaires, both eight- and 16-bit, through a set of fixture libraries. Full MIDI and SMPTE capability, combined with 15 user-programmable keys, panic/stop, clear key, floppy disk drive, and a built-in LCD display add to the flexibility of the 510I show control system. Strand Lighting, Rancho Dominguez, CA

Wheels For Power From Canadian manufacturer MC Lights comes the new 400A three-phase splitter disconnect on wheels. Designed for rough service and built of stainless steel with fold-down handles and 8.5" rubber inflatable tires, the splitter disconnect has integral breaker protection and is built to UL and CSA standards as well as meeting the criteria of NRTLC. The distro box enclosure features watertight construction that prevents premature corrosion inside the box, according to the manufacturer. The neoprene watertight connectors can also be ordered in conventional style or with reverse ground and/or reverse neutral, depending upon customer preference. MC Lights, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Digital Piano Generalmusic's Bachmann division has developed two digital pianos that combine the features of a full wooden keyboard (88 keys) and associated acoustic piano action with the electronic features of advanced digital sampling techniques. The other digital features include two onboard effects processors (edit-capable) offering reverb (Room, Stage, Hall) and effects (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo). Additional controls include Transpose (+/- 12 semitones), Tune (427.5-452.5Hz) and volume adjustment. A complete set of MIDI connectors (In, Out, Thru) allows the instrument to be connected to external MIDI devices, and headphone jacks allow for quiet rehearsals. Two models are available: the upright style RPT114 has a 25W stereo speaker system, including two 8" woofers and two tweeters. The GRPT140 is housed in a traditional baby grand cabinet and its speaker system consists of a three-way 70W + 70W stereo speaker system (two 8" woofers, two 6" midranges, and two tweeters), for accurate reproduction of the piano notes. Both models are available in a variety of finishes and include a special damper pedal to accurately replicate conventional pedal effects. Generalmusic Corp., Bensenville, IL