The New Switcheroo

Extron's SGS 408 is an eight-input, high-resolution RGB seamless graphic switcher with built-in scaling capabilities designed to provide seamless cuts, dissolves, wipes, and titles with advanced scaling capabilities to support live multimedia presentations. It incorporates two video scalars as well as a digital video mixer, and is designed to handle any type of RGB input from video sources up to high-resolution workstations.

The SGS 408 accepts both interlaced and non-interlaced video formats with resolutions from 560 × 384 up to 1,600 × 1,200, with scan rates of 15kHz up to 100kHz. Eight RGB inputs are provided with five BNC connectors each to ensure maximum system flexibility. Two different scaled output signals are available; each signal is available simultaneously on five BNCs and a 15-pin HD connector. The first output is the “program” output for viewing by the audience; the “program” signal is also available on an optional digital visual interface (DVI) connector. The second output is the “preview” output for viewing “next to switch” sources by the switch operator on a local monitor.
EXTRON, Anaheim, CA
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Livin' the HIGHlite

Digital Projection, Inc. (DPI) has added three new projectors to its HIGHlite series, all designed for mid- to high-range staging and systems integration applications.

The launch includes two units that feature native SXGA (1,280 × 1,024) Resolution ideal for high-definition video, computer, and HDTV formats. All feature three-chip DLP technology The HIGHlite 4000sx features 3,500 ANSI lumens, SXGA resolution, and 1,600 × 1,200 compatibility. The 6000sx features 5,000 ANSI lumens, SXGA, and 1,600 × 1,200 compatibility. The 4100gv features 3,500 ANSI lumens, XGA, and 1,290 × 1,024 compatibility.

The three units also feature a compact chassis design (98lbs), optional serial digital inputs, 110V or 220V operation, high contrast ratios (400:1 on/off) as well as high performance image processing.
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When Conference Calls

The Sharp XG-P20XU LCD projector is the latest in the Conference Series of XGA and SXGA projectors for mid-sized and large venues. The P20 features 3300 ANSI lumens brightness, native XGA resolution and 360° remote control capability. It is equipped with Gyro Mouse wireless remote control, which is designed to eliminate the need for line-of-sight remote control, letting users operate the P20 from any angle within a 100' radius. The unit weights in at less than 21lbs, and features an ergonomic design that lets customers remove the top portion of the unit to access the lens and the optional block, simplifying basic maintenance.
SHARP, Mahwah, NJ
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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

High End Systems has introduced a new lamp source for its popular Studio Color® line of automated luminaries. The Indy 575 is a patented incandescent lamp that gives designers the ability to match the color temperature and color rendering of a conventional lighting rig. At a lower color temperature of 3,200K, this lamp source allows designers to create deeper reds and warmer ambers with color mixing. These colors are more difficult to achieve with the higher color temperature of the MSR 575/2 discharge lamp normally used in Studio Colors.

To use the Indy 575, simple remove the MSR575/2 discharge lamp from the Studio Color S or Studio Color 575 unit (with electronic ballast — does not work with the Studio Color M version with a magnetic ballast), and plug in the Indy 575. No adjustments or modifications to the fixture are needed, not even for the voltage. The fixture will recognize the lamp and operate it correctly — completely automatically.

Indy 575 uses a patented filament design constructed to maximize efficiency with the reflectors in the Studio Color 575 fixture. Dimming is currently mechanical and will also be electronic in future fixture software versions. Electronic dimming offers smoother dimming and longer lamp life, as the lamp is on only when being used.
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Window Treatment

Gamproducts has introduced Windowgrip, a new self-adhesive CineFilter for color correction of windows in motion picture, TV, and theatrical applications. WindowGrip can be used for long or short periods of time; when you are finished with it, you can peel it off easily and discard it. Conventional GAM filters can be laid over WindowGrip and electorstatic energy will keep the CineFilter on the window for days at a time. This makes it easy to apply multiple layers of color correction for changing sun and light conditions.

Available in 48"-wide rolls by 25' length, WindowGrip is optically clear and UV-resistant to fading. Five WindowGrip CineFilters are available: neutral-density filters .6 and .9; ¾ CTO; full CTO, and a combination CTO and .3ND.
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Controlling Interest

Elektralite, a division of Group One Limited, has released the CP20xt and CP20-a controller/consoles, designed for both club and live applications. The new units feature up to 512 DMX channels, 960 cues, 96 chases, 48 macros, and 96 positional focuses onboard, Also, to ensure that this power is controllable, all of these features can be accessed in an instant via just 24 buttons, which provide direct access to fixtures, colors, gobos, and any other feature designated by the operator.
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Array of Hope

The Meyer 3D (M3D) is the first entirely self-powered line array system to incorporate BroadbandQ technology for precise 90° horizontal directional control across the full audio spectrum, from 18kHz down to 40Hz. BroadbandQ achieves this directivity by combining a new high-frequency REM (ribbon emulation manifold) and constant-Q horn with Meyer Sound's low-frequency directional control. The M3D doesn't require a minimum number of cabinets: users can ground-plane-load a single M3D to create a virtual two-cabinet array, or fly up to 16 deep for extremely long throw applications in the largest outdoor venues. Also, because the M3D is compatible with other Meyer Sound products, system designers can custom-tailor downfills and short-throw arrays for balanced coverage in the near field — the difficult region for all line array systems. In addition, the M3D offers innovative features for efficient touring logistics, including a captive QuickFly rigging system with integrated CamLink hardware, removable caster rails, and cabinet dimensions scaled for tight truck packs in Europe or North America.
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Common Sense

Telex recently unveiled the AudioCom ICW-3 and ICW-4 intercom systems, which are designed to enable clear communications between multiple points within one site for such applications as ticket booths and hotel/casino cashier windows. The ICW-3 supports both gooseneck microphone and headset operation to accommodate virtually any operational requirement. Users can customize their interfaces with a choice of two hands-free operation modes. Gooseneck microphone operation enables users to move freely to access cash drawers or information sheets without being tethered by a headset. Headset operation provides a higher level of privacy and reduces ambient noise levels in multi-user environments. The ICW-4 connects the ICW-3 to existing intercoms in applications such as live theatre, where communication between the ticket booth and existing communications systems is essential. The ICW-4 also features a program audio input, which connects users to program audio, talent cueing feeds, or any other audio source.
TELEX, Burnsville, MN
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A Suitable Case for Recording

Ruggedly constructed using double layers of 1,000-denier Cordura fabric, the new SoniCase is an equipment carrying case designed expressly for field use by location-recording professionals. Sized to fit just about any popular component used for field recording, the weather-resistant enclosure provides storage and protection for a full-size portable DAT recorder, two rechargeable batteries, a microphone preamp, microphones, cables, and other accessories.

Compact and easy to carry in virtually any traveling situation, the SoniCase offers quick access to batteries and connectors via strategically located openings that facilitate charging and operational changes without having to unpack. While in actual field use, double protection against the elements is afforded by a full-coverage rain fly, which opens to reveal transparent plastic windows safeguarding the gear inside. Capable of being zipped open as needed, the windows, when shut, keep moisture out while maintaining unobstructed front-panel visibility of components stored on the SoniCase's four shelves.
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No Time for Surges

The SurgeX SX1115 Series single-rackmount Series Mode Pro surge suppressors and power conditioners are designed to provide guaranteed Series Mode Pro surge protection and power conditioning for audio, video, and computer equipment. All models feature eight standard grounded AC receptacles on the rear panel, with six of the receptacles switched and two always left on. SurgeX patented Series Mode Pro surge suppression technology provides reliable protection, stopping multiple surges of up to 6,000V and unlimited surge current, without producing ground contamination.

The SX1115 Series consists of the SX1115 R, the SX1115 RT, and the SX1115 RL. Both the R and RT models also provide a front-panel courtesy unit. The RL is designed for use in recording studios, custom design/build installations, and FOH sound reinforcement. It has two front-panel Neutrik connectors for Littlite gooseneck lamps and a dimmer control. The RT is ideal for integrated power distro systems. A rear-panel Phoenix connector allows the RT to be interconnected with a controller, enabling the sequential power up/down of multiple system components.
SURGEX, New Hope, PA
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